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For this weeks Artist Spotlight we are proud to feature Opius! He isn’t new to the scene and has been very busy putting out a multitude of releases over the past year showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s get to know him a little better. 

Where are you originally from?

London, UK

Where are you based currently?

London, UK

Whats the origin of your artist name?

Well Opus means musical composition/piece of work. I put the “I’ init this was in 2001. Then a few years later after thinking I smugly came up with a great word/name I saw on Google it’s a flippin wasp

Do you have any aliases?


Whats your musical background, if any?

My Grandfather was a session Trumpet player in bands around London, my uncle was a great drummer and I played drums as a kid

How long have you been producing?

Since 1996. 2001 with my own setup though I had 10 yrs doing other music, I started making D&B/Jungle again in 2014

What labels do you have releases on?

Many but the ones I’ll mention are – Flex, Formation, Skeleton, 36 Hertz, Omni Music, Time Tunnel Recordings and Ballpark my imprint

What got you into jungle?

I was into the scene from dot 88/89 and followed it sticking with drums is probably the best way to put it

Who are some of your main influences?

Dillinja, Peshay for bringing the jazz(back in day) Metalheadz as a collective consistent inspiration and ambition of course….to be honest there are many that I respect and have touched me over the years far too many to mention

Who have you been listening to lately?

Of recent I’m feeling Break for quality of D&B production, Sci Wax in particular Nebula. I’m maturing into where I started out, the drums. So have been getting seriously into drumfunk, and I’m loving the abstract vibes like Nic TVG and Inperspective Records. Artists like Earl Grey and dgoHn are doing pretty much the sound that I’m really into

Any upcoming projects?

I have 5 vinyl release planned. 4 12″s and a 7″. A 6 track EP with Inperspective will be one of the last of my digital releases along with 36 Hertz, Locked Up Music, and a few more. From now on any digital will be going on Ballpark only, as I’m working with vinyl labels again now as I was before 10 yrs out

Are you part of any crews/labels/organizations?

Label owner – Ballpark Recordings

What do you like to do for fun outside of music?

I’m a bit of a health and fitness head these days. So workout, go power walking, eat well. I also paint, which my Dad used to do. So I’ve followed his footsteps with that

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