Artist Spotlight – Sota

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Tunes

2020 is delivering on being another exciting year for DNB. The standards are higher then ever, putting the point of entry for new budding producers in an exciting arena. One of the new faces that has caught my ears in particular, is Sota.

Super complex music tends to be what pulls me in (Neurofunk is my mainstay), but there is something to be said about simplicity when done right. Sota’s tracks are packaged for the dance floor, every tune with a solid stand up hook that really drives a groove. His tracks feel effortless in contrast with their effectiveness inside the dance.

After following his first few releases, his track “8bit” was the first that made it into my bag. I had faith the tune would go off, but it was (and still is) a major stand out tune at my live gigs. His latest 3 track EP “Bite” boasts tracks all of the same caliber, featuring cheeky well thought out grooves that get the job done.

With all the chatter surrounding so many different new comers, I felt it was appropriate to show Sota some love and spotlight his quality efforts that I feel I haven’t seen enough about. If dance floor is your vibe, and you’re looking for a new dependable producer to follow, Sota is choice.

Be sure to follow his soundcloud and keep tabs on whats coming from him next:

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I touched wax for the first time when I was 12 years old and since have been blessed to share music in the majority of states in the USA. I have a wide spanning passion for mixing that reaches far beyond any one musical genre or dance floor. I work at Geomagnetic Recordings and am 1/2 of High Society DNB. Current location: San Francisco