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Today I’m going to be reviewing a new release from Australian based Artsea which is dropping on Goldfat Records on 29/4/2022. Some background first, Artsea is based in Melbourne and been producing for over 11 years. Goldfat Records was started by Mitekiss in 2015 and is based in Croydon, UK with the motto “Run for the love, built for the soul”.

Asinine – As soon as the vocal starts to come in you get a little rush. The drums are nice. Snare is tight and the kick sits nicely, pounding along. The drop is a tasty sub which is warm in composure with a meandering melody. This is definitely a liquid soul record. The break is pretty and refined before a slightly heavier 2nd drop proceeds and takes us through to the end. It’s a solid start to the EP and sets a nice tone for what is to follow.

Bellbridge – Of course there is a bell sound, but to my surprise a lovely jazzy piano and these tight snares make a comeback. A male vocal floats around and the sub drops heavy again like Asinine. The piano glides through a catchy enough melody and drifts into a lovely filtered delight. The second drop has a new bassline melody and this helps keep the interest. Overall a beautiful track, very well produced.

Passing Through – This is instantly more upbeat with a pushed drum break present. A nice female vocal sample leads us into another sub filled drop. A few bits of dotted percussion and a lush build into what for me is the secret weapon and easily the standout part of the EP. The break really builds so nicely and shows off real production skills and arrangement. It continues through the drop and really stands out over the first two tracks as a very progressive piece of music.

From Within him – Again an upbeat piece which comes into the drop a bit quicker than the others. a more traditional feel which is very soulful on the ears. Although the vocal is nice I think a featured artist singing over more of the track would have taken this to a new level. However, it still has a very catchy vibe and sits well with the music around it.  The second drop is more of the same with a few lovely bass replies thrown in. The ending bars are really quite pretty I have to say. There is plenty of headroom, gorgeous sounds and a nice drum break to mix out of, so perfect for the DJ.

A very satisfying EP all round. Well produced with a story telling type structure and arrangement particularly in the last two tracks after a solid start. Excited to see what Artsea has for us next!

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