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The Czech record label SIN.FULL.MAZE has been gathering gold talents for a while now and it’s developing as a whole community with really good Drum and Bass on their catalogue and for this 2020 is presenting the ASSEMBLY ASSAULT VA LP.
8 full force tracks that briefly can musically describe Neurofunk in most of its different forms and tastes.

The journey starts with an epic opening by Öwlie who brings to the table synths that fulfill a melodic breakdown which starts building up slowly till a lovely voice comes in For Her The drop feels to a modern deep vibe with a genius vocal chop, that goes so well along the bassline it really takes you out on a plane. One of those tracks to keep you floating without losing the grip. A shinny release already featured on Inspector Dubplate channel.

On the next hit we have 2 groundbreaking producers SLWDWN & Freshney
that have the ability to create a background build on symphonic pads and synths full of passion in every note, then leaves you floating 2 or 3 seconds before a growling bassline opens up for what a pre- drop just to levitate again into a blasting pluck that tears up the energy on the track. Supported by Blackout Music, I consider this piece as a really original track compared with most of the “copy/paste” tracks we hear nowadays on the dnb scene.

Notequal is an slovakian trio that is giving a lot to talk about lately with their fresh neurofunk weaponry. With a premiere in the known District Bass channel. Endorsing the darkness with a dark ambient along with a growing arpeggiator that slowly gets invaded by a screaming bassline that creates a sound-quaque before the drop that  will make your soundsystem rumble. Traktion will hit you with sharp percussion and some funky vocal chops, these guys create an amazing game between the sounds. Probably one of the hardest bites on the compilation.

Shot number 4 is courtesy of the well known producer MEPH who delivers a brain eating experience on every track he touches. Cinematographic stage for the intro with wicked machinery sounds that drift into a rising reverb build up until boom! Dismissed an in your face drop with a marching bass that combines really well into wobbles and a lead stab that will make you bang your head till the breakdown. Premiered as well on District Bass channel is honestly my favorite cut in the compilation, simply top notch.

Don’t forget to take your Medication before you dig deeper in this release, with a cutting-edge input by Entita this song has the ability to blend between trippyness and hardness. An introduction that makes you feel like entering a portal to the unknown that slowly grows to a drum roll that leaps to the drop. A twisting bassline chained to the white noise keeps a balance for the classical drum set to come in smoothly. A breathtaking track, which I am not surprised that it appeared at Noisia Radio a couple weeks ago.

South America has become a main focus for Drum and Bass music in the past 10 years, and plenty of producers are putting their music around the globe. Where the colombian
Dr. Kick and the Argentinian Yatuza have the chance to sit down at the studio and deliver some Human Sense to this release. Already part of the infamous NeurofunkGrid Channel this cut goes straight to the point. A pitchblack intro with uplifting pads that along with an existentialist voice create a mad atmosphere to begin this musical quest, a drop containing insane percussions lifting on the vibrating sub making this tune an underground blast.

A blasting tune handed over by Drop Database that keeps in my mind reminding me that usually things get better when you Follow your heart and soul. As it shakes you from start to end, a powerful soft voice swinging over fx and textures that  introduces a contemporary drop poisoned with a filthy siren lead that raises  the temperature in between the low end and the smashing claps. Another one for the row at Noisia Radio as well, definitely of those tracks that can easily double drop at any time.

Closing the path we find Futical taking over the deeper sounds in the envelope, an amazing female vocal cut that fits really well on the opening giving such a sexy impact on the track. A minimalistic percussion that strikes really well on the kick and snare while glues with robotic glitches and filtered bass lines that create a really techy mood with nothing to be Left Behind.

A really interesting piece of art that empowers the artwork on this release, giving some extra value to the work done by the artists on this compilation. Along with a really smart promotion campaign by releasing every track on separate dates giving more motion and attention to the tracks. All of them are curated by our friend Mark Sin.



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Colombian Drum and Bass producer influenced by the broken sounds of Punk and Metal who had the opportunity to share the stage with producers such as ... The Prototypes, Hallucinator, Crissy Criss, Cooh, DJ SS, Drumsound & BasslineSmith, Jade, Modified Motion, Aeph, NC -17 and more, participating in events such as the World of Drum & Bass (Miami) PRSPCT night in Colombia or The Hangover in Venezuela. After being interested in sound design in 2018, he concentrated intensely on audiovisual production and toured Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile with the Killerdrumz collective. Signed to Invasion Recordings (Russia) Promo Audio Recordings (Brazil) Mas Bass Records (Colombia)