Atic – Step Into Darkness (Faded music)

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Tunes

Today we are going to explore Atic’s latest EP “Step into Darkness”. I will just start off by stating in my opinion, Atic is one of D&B’s most over looked emerging artists, creating clean, techy and in this case dark sounds that all Drum & Bass lovers can find something they are feeling, and really enjoy. He is someone to watch out for if you don’t know the name already.

This EP is nothing short of excellent, showcasing Atic’s talents as an all around artist. Conceptually designing music that is tied together by an atmosphere and feeling from beginning to end, even the album artwork and song names have a darkness to them. From a listener standpoint it’s very difficult to get bored with this type of album because in 4 songs you get a little taste of many different types and influences of Drum & Bass. Tracks like “ Modus” and “Timeloss” move into the deeper, darker realms of D&B. Brining an almost erie vibe with nasty drum patterns and complex background layers. While “Reality Sounds” and “Dilute” are straight up heavy steppers already proving to be dance floor worthy.

If you love dark Drum & Bass, I highly recommend this album. I know I will be keeping it in the playlists for years to come. Buy it and Play it Loud!!


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