Audeka – Primordial [Methlab]

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Tunes

In the world of Drum And Bass there is all kinds of creators. From the action packed to smooth and calming sounds of relaxation. The type of creator in focus today is one who can encompass it all into deeply rich and textured soundscapes. Audeka’s complexity and diverseness shine through with his new album entitled “Lost Souls”. This album spans manny genres and blends the lines in between with magnificent sci-fi themed stories to be told. Join the adventure as a brave warrior sets on a quest to fight dark forces to save his people.

My favorite cut off the “Lost Souls” Album is Primordial. The tune starts off with deep textured guitar strings with ambient tones creeping behind it. Dark and enticing bass kicks are met with feint chanting coming into the foreground. As the percussion picks up you can hear the tension build as Hanna Pryor’s haunting vocals carry on until “Primordial” fades away making room into the drop which is met with jaw breaking percussion that could level entire city blocks. Gargantuan synths rip apart the atmosphere engulfing everything in their path. The chanting picks up again as the tune breaks met with Hanna’s bone chilling voice. With the coming of the second drop even more complex drum fills and breaks proceed to shatter the unexpected keeping the tone fresh.

This is one of the most creative tracks of the season and is both effective on the dance or solo listening. Get lost inside the story of “Lost Souls” and decide the victor for yourself.
The overwhelming quality of this album really goes to show Audeka and Methlab are proving once again why they are pushing boundaries and taking no hostages.

The “Lost Souls” LP is out now on Methlab Recordings at all major online music retailers.

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