Audio Freedom Vol.2 [BOEY Audio]

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Tunes

What started out as a group of friends promoting parties and pushing the music they loved, has since evolved into a label as those friends have made the natural and logical progression into production and really have come up with some great music. As they saw it, there was a need for an Ireland based label to push these sounds they were making and it turns out, shares the vision of a growing number of producers out there. When you get a group of like minded people who are focused, driven, and not limited or restricted to the parameters of sub genres, you can get some pretty damn good results. That my friends, is what you have in BOEY Audio.

Their latest offering is a 5 tracker entitled “Audio Freedom Vol.2” and it is exactly just that. It is filled with multiple layers and elements of the drum and bass landscape. There are the sparse and airy sounds on “Sense of Purpose” from Pen and “M I S T” from Phibsboro Beats. A great jazzy bit with the ghostly horns on “Grounded” from Altex that would go perfect with a tall glass on Absinthe.
The two stand out tracks for me are the brooding and evolving textures on “Resurrection” from Kronom. and the haunting and chilling sounds of “Ice Bath” from Autosymbol.

Do yourself a favor and check out this offering and then go check out the rest of their back catalog for some tasty free downloads. I promise it will feel good to help keep the underground alive as well as supporting new and innovating labels!

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