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Genesis Device Remix EP by Audio
The ‘Genesis Device Remix EP’ has landed on Virus Recordings and the reboot to four of these 2010 classics from some of the hottest names in drum and bass has given a major overhaul to these favorites from Audio’s collection. To take such epic and influential tracks and refit them for the modern day is no easy task to please the masses but the delivery from Black Sun Empire, Redpill, Agressor Bunx and Prolix has the ‘Genesis Device Remix EP’ smashing from start to finish as each artist adds their own unique touch, masterfully remixing ‘Genesis Device’ into new aged neurofunk fitting for the most critical crowd.
“Genesis Device” (Black Sun Empire Remix)
A hint of a familiar vocal gets “Genesis Device” rolling reminiscent of the original to kick off this remix from Black Sun Empire. A condensed script is blasted apart by bass to break the sequence as the vocal morphs feeding off the original stems to create a mutated monster. Black Sun Empire has supplied a heavier, nastier, scarier build that ramps up that noticeable vibe from the original with immense form. Beefier production, hyper boosted beats and new techniques to synthesize sounds increases the energy tenfold as you can feel Black Sun Empire oozing from every angle while they maintain the dirty bounciness from Audio’s composition, a perfect way to accentuate a hard hitting classic “Genesis Device” is back to pummel playlists for many raves to come.
“Emissions” (Redpill Remix)
Redpill’s take on “Emissions” supplies an all new intro as he manipulates the stems to create more ambiance with the vocal as this remix stomps to the drop. ‘Virus’ echoes repeating mechanically in all out madness as we prepare for a massive shock. Redpill has taken “Emissions” and given it a total transformation into a more modern rendition of heavy, slamming neurofunk drum and bass. A harder, cleaner, more simplified broken beat accentuates the cutting edge basslines that Redpill has forged from the original stems. While this is probably the most extreme remix from the EP there’s still a legit comparison to Audio’s original as Redpill’s creative upgrades shoot “Emissions” into 2020 and beyond. This is one to pull for the harder hitting sets to enhance the dangerous, chunky neuro side. Might just have to pull this one back and give ‘em some more!
“Jibba Jabba” (Agressor Bunx Remix)
A fresh intro on “Jibba Jabba” from Agressor Bunx supplies a more invigorating experience from the first note. A steady beat kicks as manic highs run wild to climax at the drop with a fresh, funky and FUN composition from Agressor Bunx. Taking the original stems from dark and muddy to beefy and bouncy “Jibba Jabba” absolutely pounds now enhanced with a cleaner, simplified rhythm it’s still completely reminiscent of the original especially with that groovy vocalization humming along. Agressor Bunx merges visions engaging the savagery from Audio’s original with his unmistakable contemporary sound making “Jibba Jabba” a necessary upgrade to any collection.
“Scanners” (Prolix Remix)
Prolix’s remix of “Scanners” kicks off with the same eerie vibe as Audio supplied on the original with less vocal to tighten things up and play heavier on the emotion of the mix. Diving deeper into the darkness with Prolix he’s morphed “Scanners” intensifying the atmospheric elements and building to a hyper-sonic drop. The “Scanners” remix from Prolix could quite possibly be the closest to the original composition as he maintains most of the structural and sound integrity compared to the original but you can still hear his influence screaming through on every note. With his mastery in sound engineering Prolix has revamped “Scanners” to hit hard AF drop to drop. It doesn’t get much crazier than this so keep this one to pop when you’re pulling out all the stops in your next set!

After hearing this grip of remixes we can only hope Virus Recordings and Audio has more in store. Who would you like to see remix another track off of Audio’s original Device release? Comment with an artist and title below to let us know!

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