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by | Jul 25, 2019 | Tunes

Any drum and bass fan seeking the heavy neurofunk tunes is already familiar with the name Audio. At the forefront of the neuro sound he’s gained a reputation for producing grungy, filthy beats constantly pushing the limits with his ruthless style that pummels the floor every time. He has built a prestigious career headlining events worldwide with several albums under his belt as well as countless releases across major labels such as Tech Freak Recordings, Virus and RAM Records which has earned Audio a permanent place in the top ranks of drum and bass. This is evident on both his solo releases as well as part of the duo Killbox, alongside Ed Rush, seemingly the predominant focus of his career for the past few years leading up to this next chapter which has only just begun.

One of the most established neurofunk producers continuing to dominate the ranks as an obvious favorite on the heavier side of the drum and bass genre Audio is moving up a level and firing up his own label, Snake Pit Records. This has enabled Audio to harness complete control of his own releases; already hitting hard with consistency since March of this year. Straight out the gate “Frog March” stomped in with brute force making quite the statement that Audio was taking hold of the reins. “Darkseid” quickly followed holding the momentum steady as a bubbly intergalactic banger with extreme energy. Cranking out nearly a fresh tune each month since Snake Pit Records was born “Dead Stock” dropped in June; vigorous and fierce harboring Audio’s ‘no holds barred’ attitude.

Next up from this DnB bad boy is “Ultrasonic” which is due for release the 29th of this month. Playfully mischievous the intro builds upon an extravaganza of evil as a devilish laugh bellows below a ludic melody. Prepare for a trip to the dark depths of the bizarre Audio’s “Ultrasonic” is a spectacle of futuristic neurofunk drum and bass.  The nefarious rhythm continues to build, ‘Ultrasonic Frequency’ echoes in droid-like fashion as the subs animate with elasticity to whip the floor into motion. Snares ignite firing rapidly to the drop where the insanity is unleashed as the mix is engulfed in rich, bold basslines fluctuating impulsively to test the threshold of the heavier neurofunk sound. The second drop is a whole new mechanism of madness. Harder and more intense it’s an onslaught of fresh bass and insane breaks; striking with electrifying force. “Ultrasonic” is a stimulating composition that twists and evolves straight through to the last note exhibiting Audio’s flair for transforming neurofunk  to darker dimensions.

On a mission to construct his own empire with Snake Pit Records it’s safe to say we can expect more from Audio to build the hype for his new label as we could start to see a few more names coming from this direction as well. It’s always exciting, and even more inspiring, to see an artist striving toward bigger and better things all the time. Audio is pushing his potential to the fullest. Quite possibly the most auspicious moment in his career for a milestone like Snake Pit Records Audio is now unrestrained; the heavy banging neurofunk crowds are ready and waiting for what’s to come!

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