Australian Connection LP [Lifestyle Music]

by | May 22, 2017 | Tunes

You know it’s a good thing when you can listen to a full album by any artist or collection of artists and think that every song on the album is top notch and the price of the album is justified. The ‘Australian Connection LP’ from Lifestyle Music UK is just such an album. Every track is written and produced by artists hailing from Australia and really showcases the wealth of talent that is pouring out of there at the moment. Australia has a long history of supplying the world with amazing music, and this LP solidifies that once again. This album is so good, I would not be surprised to see a few of these songs on many a DJ’s top charts for 2017.

The list of talent on this LP is pretty damn impressive. It features the likes of Lockjaw, Dauntless and Gran Calavera who, between them, have racked up releases on legendary imprints like Invisible, Dispatch, Commercial Suicide and Flexout. Backing up that cast of stars, we have some of the most promising up-and-comers coming producers Oz has to offer, including Ewol, Euph, VLTRN, Terrence & Phillip, Okuli, and Manikin.

For me personally, without a doubt one of the top tunes of 2017 for me is on this LP and comes in the form of ‘Panorama’ from Gran Calavera. This roughneck stepper goes in hard with its crisp yet rugged break and rising pads and stabs that give way to driving and menacing midrange bass squelches in an almost call and response formula that sets every dance floor off as it rolls out. Seriously one of my highlights of the year so far. I will also add ‘Reverse Nirvana’ from Dauntless to that top ten list as well. It has just a beautiful vocal section that is paired with dirty, distorted nasty twisted bass line that you can’t help but move to.

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