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Bad syntax

The founder of Abducted Records and Abducted LTD, Bad Syntax has solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in the global Drum and Bass scene. Originally from Florida where he spearheaded one of their longest running Drum and Bass weeklies known as “Protocol” in Jacksonville, he now has been residing in Southern California for over a decade. His impressive career has spanned over two decades where he has consistently made waves in the USDNB scene. From sharing the stage with renowned international artists like Jade, Planet of the Drums, and Black Sun Empire, to collaborating closely in the studio with the likes of Skynet, Chris.Su, and E-Sassin, Bad Syntax has become synonymous with delivering top-notch Neurofunk sets and productions.

But Bad Syntax’s influence doesn’t stop there. Now, you have the opportunity to experience his electrifying live 3-deck Neurofunk sets every week on the Best Drum and Bass Podcast. Garnering an impressive 27,000 monthly downloads, this podcast has become a hub for drum and bass enthusiasts looking for the latest in new and unreleased Drum and Bass tracks of all styles. Featuring guest mixes from a diverse range of artists, from the likes of Mefjus to Benny L, the Best Drum and Bass Podcast offers an immersive journey through the vibrant world of drum and bass.

Join Bad Syntax on this sonic adventure where he pushes the boundaries of Neurofunk, consistently delivering a fusion of cutting-edge beats and relentless energy. Prepare to be captivated as his masterful selections and impeccable mixing transport you to another dimension. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the unrivaled talent of Bad Syntax – the maestro of the drum and bass underworld.



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