Bad Taste Podcast 009 by Heamy

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Mixes

What else can I say about this other than I loved every single second of it. New comer artist “Heamy” plows through more then one tune a minute in this blood boiling, pulse pounding mix. Beautifully done, and this mix will be on my personal rotation for a while im sure!

Mix Tracklist:
1.Heamy – Metaverse (Free)
2.Current Value – Loner (Blackout Music NL)
3.Noisia – Incessant (Vision Recordings)
4.Qo & Computerartist – Cyber Ninja (Eatbrain)
5.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat PNC – Until The World Ends (Blackout Music NL)
6.Davip & Imetic – Puncture Wound (Place 2B & Paimon Remix) (AYRA Recordings)
7.Gydra – Soul King (Tam Records)
8.Mind Vortex – Underworld (Ram Records)
–> Frankee – Gully (Ram Records)
9.Frankee – Flim Flam (Ram Records)
10.Hybrid Minds – Meant to Be (InsideInfo Remix) (Spearhead Records)
11.Frankee – Instinct (Free)
–> DJ Hazard – Death Sport (Playaz Recordings)
12.BTK & Maztek – SMMF feat. MC Kryptomedic (DUB)
13.Resound – Rare Species (Skutta Records)
14.Noisia – Stamp Out (Vision Recordings)
15.Heamy & Asphexia – Digital Mayhem (Bad Taste Recordings)
16.ID – ID
17.Neonlight – Heavy Bettie (VIP) (Ram Records)
–> Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Reptilians (Vision Recordings)
18.Hybris – Garbage Truck (Misanthrop Remix) (Invisible Recordings)
19.Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub (Virus Recordings)
20.Machine Code – Airlock (Subsistenz)
–> Octane & DLR – Set Set Up The Set (ft. Script) (Dispatch Recordings)
21.The Voss & NC-17 – Pull Up (Mainframe Recordings)
22.Mefjus – Expedition (Critical Music)
23.Thesys – Printplatte (Tam Records)
24.Insect – Internal Bleed (Future Funk Music)
25.Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism (Neosignal Recordings)
26.Heamy – Fallback (Bad Taste Recordings)
27.Heamy – Outrageous (Genome Records)
28.Emperor – Musicbox (Critical Music)
29.Bad Company UK – The Pulse (The Prototypes Remix) (Bad Taste Recordings)
30.Phace – My Mind Is Modular (Neosignal Recordings)
31.Mefjus – Emulation (Critical Music)
32.Heamy – Spacetime (Bad Taste Recordings)
–>Noisia & Phace – Purpose (Vision Recordings)
33.Mefjus – Impulse (Feat. Phace) (Critical Music)
34.Heamy – Vortex (Bad Taste Recordings)
35.Gridlok & Prolix – Riot VIP (Free)
37.InsideInfo & Prolix – Transposed (Viper Recordings)
38.Mefjus – Saturate (Critical Music)
39.Heamy – Backbone (Bad Taste Recordings)
40.Disprove & Signal – Arkaik Twelve (Dub)
41.Xanadu – Hattusa (Dom & Roland Productions)
–> Misanthrop – Deadlock (Neosignal Recordings)
–> I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’ (Phace Remix) (Division / OWSLA / Par Excellene)
42.Minor Rain – Totem Tube (Renegade Hardware)
43.Allied – Dissolved (Subsistenz)
44.Gydra & Mailky – Circles (Dub)
45.Ivy Lab & Emperor – Pepper (Critical Music)
46.Hazard – Time Tripping (Playaz Recordings)
47.Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez – Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix) (Par Excellence)
48.Stealth – Bulgan (Program)
49.Ivy Lab – Forex (Critical Music)
50.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Unconscious (VIP) (Ram Records)
51.Heamy – Break Vip (Dub)
52.DJ Hazard – Mk Q (Playaz Recordings)
53.Hybrid Minds – Drama (Neonlight Remix)
–> Mefjus – Blame You (Feat. Zoe Klinck)(Critical Music)
54.Bad Company UK – Bullet Time (Spor Remix) (Bad Taste Recordings)
55.Audio – Ultron (Ram Records)
56.Heamy – Motion (Bad Taste Recordings)
57.Mefjus – Stutter (Feat. Misanthrop) (Critical Music)
58.Davip – Deadly Blessing (Gydra Remix) (AYRA Recordings)
59.Heamy – Little Empire (Bad Taste Recordings)
–> Apex feat. Ayah Marar – Space Between (Hospital Records)
–> Calyx & TeeBee – Elevate This Sound (Ram Records)
60.Metrik – Borealis (Hospital Records)
–> Noisia – Stigma (Vision Recordings)
–> Commix – Be True (Metalheadz)
–> Boston – Go with Me (feat. Solis) (Symmetry Recordings)
61. Heamy – The End (Bad Taste Recordings)

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