Badbwoy – Wave [Treesounds Music]


Monday, bloody Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend of shenanigans. As I was messing around on SoundCloud this week I started noticing a trend in the new music I was hearing. I went to some other sites like Beatport to check stuff out and noticed something similar going on with new releases. What am I noticing? An old sound coming back. I heard many, many tracks that had this late 90’s early 2000’s feel to them. I’m not saying this as a bad thing, it’s nostalgic to be honest and the sounds are pretty damn solid. Like this track I found called Badbwoy from Wave out on Treesounds Music in Bogota Colombia!! Oh yeah…DnB is alive and well in Colombia amigos! Oh this is a FREE DOWNLOAD on their SoundCloud page!

So lets talk about this Wave track on Treesounds MusicBADBWOY. Wave isn’t exactly new, his first single was released in 2016. Wave is from Boyaca Colombia. Loves his Jungle from what I gather and techno. The track is really great, the intro is a hard old skool drum beat then a repeating vocal sample into the cut and a deep descending bassline comes in alone…BANG into the whole thing all together with a nice cymbal beat layered on top that goes in and and out like the voice sample. Again, very late 90’s and I’m digging it! It reminds me of something I would hear on an old Dieselboy album to be honest. Again, not a bad thing!

Is the “old sound” coming back? This happens in other genres of music. We saw Jungle come back strong in 2019 with artists like Euphonique. I personally like this if it’s a new trend we will see in 2020. Also for mixing on 3 or 4 decks these old style tracks allow you to layer very nicely due to the structure and layout. I say to Wave and Treesounds Music well done. What else you got in 2020?!



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