Badlokk feat. Coppa – Hurricane [Hanzom Music]

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Welcome again my drum and bass fiends! We share with you Badlokk feat. Coppa – Hurricane [Hanzom Music]! We also have some Q & A with the big boss Badlokk. First we have a short word from the main man at Hanzom. “I was quite busy with the label the past 5 years promoting other artists their music but also working on my own productions. To be able to finally release my own music feels a bit unreal to be honest but i’m so happy to get it out. To all my friends, colleagues and followers thank you for the support!” – Badlokk. Badlokk feat. Coppa – Hurricane [Hanzom Music] is a destructive force of nature! Showing the skill and talent on a first release along side Coppa. Delving out precise drum patterns and breaks. Heavily distorted bass. And large lyrical support from a well known MC. Lets get into the Q & A with Badlokk below!


Badlokk feat. Coppa – Hurricane [Hanzom Music] Q & A

Q: How did you get your name?

A: I always used to love the more angry, evil, and dark side of drum and bass. And I also choose to identify with it as a DJ and artist. That’s why I went with ” Bad “. The ending ” lokk “ came together with the sound I’m playing in my sets. People compare it with big and heavy trains. In German also called lok, or lokomotive. I always try to maintain the big pressure and high energy of my sets. And people always said “ The locomotive/train is rolling again ”, when I was DJing. So yeah I took this and added one more “k” because I liked it.

Q: What does your style represent as an artist?

A: I kept the vibe of my name. Which you also can find in my music productions. So it’s basically all about heavy, hard and high energy Neurofunk drum and bass. High quality produced music which is made for the clubs.

Q: What was it like working with Coppa?

A: It was and is an absolute pleasure! At first I used some vocal samples from a sample pack Marvin aka Coppa released some months earlier. I sent it to Marvin and he was instantly hooked! He told me we need to do some exclusive stuff. So we did!

Q: Was this a project that you’ve had already in the reserves?

A: Definetely not. I worked very hard to get my sound right for the past 5 years. There never was much time for my own productions while doing all the label work with Hanzom. I always wanted to come out with a big bang! So since earlier this year I’ve been feeling that I’m finally ready to release my own music. So here we are!

Q: Will we see more of your tracks released on Hanzom?

A: 100% YES! I’m currently working on a lot of music and some of it will be definitely coming out on Hanzom Music. I thought a lot about the labels with which I want to release my music but for the first track I just had to go with my own label. Anything else would have felt wrong to me. But I definitely plan to release on other labels as well. So stay tuned for more Badlokk sound!


Badlokk feat. Coppa – Hurricane [Hanzom Music] is out now and you can find it here for streaming and purchase download.

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