Balatron-HUGINN & MUNINN [MethLab]


BALATRON returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS to debut the second single from of his upcoming IÐAVÖLLUR LP with a pair of titanic tracks–HUGINN // MUNINN. Following the release of SHOCK//STRAIGHT THUGGIN’ on the imprint earlier in the year, as well as the interceding release of the DAT SHII EP on Sublimate Records, BALATRON displays here his command of the uniquely powerful halftime sound that straddles both nostalgia and the bleeding edge, forward-facing of the subgenre that has become synonymous with his name. Each of the tracks within move with mythic poise at a vast scale, revealing a small but impactful slice of the sonic saga yet to come.

HUGINN’s portentous vocals shudder under their own weight, gaining traction as they deliver a single resounding verse, summoning a bassline that advances with glacial force alongside a flurry of slicing snares. MUNINN predicates itself upon a similar tenet of abundant low end frequencies, its grinding bass tinged with a ravenous hunger as jagged highs haunt the soundscape’s upper ranges with their cutting call.

With HUGINN//MUNINN, BALATRON has takes another step in recounting the full tale of IÐAVÖLLUR, issuing a pair of intimately connected tracks that serve as the omen for LP’s arrival at years end. Augmented via the increasingly advanced METHLAB RECORDINGS, the transmission is as effective as it is ruthless, delivering a resounding echo of the upcoming full project.

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