Ballpark Recordings 053: The Raw Four Vol 10 Review


Ballpark Recordings out of London, UK has scheduled their next release “The Four Raw Vol 10” for August 6, 2021. The series showcases producers from around the globe to bring you that raw jungle sound you’re looking for! This volume features 2 US producers (Antares and Krugah) as well as 2 UK producers (Opius and Splinter). As the title implies, these 4 tunes are RAW!

Antares starts it off with “A Warm Up.” Using his signature style, he incorporates lots of dark elements, heavy basslines, and complex drum programming along with non traditional arrangements for a very unique experience. This tune has lots to it, starting off with a simple drum pattern and building as it goes. A deep bassline and soundclash samples come in to set the stage. Then an eerie silence broken by chopped up AMENs and deep sub like only Antares can bring. Enjoy…

Krugah, based in New York, makes his debut on BPR with “Sinister.” The intro starts with delayed apache snippets and a moody pad so we’re off to a great start! Multiple breaks are introduced and masterfully woven together with some deep subs to back it all. There are some jazzy elements tossed in along with James Brown vocal stabs that make this a treat for all the drumfunk lovers out there!

Label owner Opius’ tune “Deep Within” is something else! His use of uncommon breaks is one of the things I love most about his tunes. This one starts off with a mysterious wind, a faint echo of drums, and a disturbing vocal sample that says “Its happening again.” Then you get smacked with some properly chopped breaks and sub hits that’ll rattle your teeth!

Splinter’s “Artifice” begins with a dark atmosphere. Add a haunting bassline with some hardsteppin drums and you have a tune that you can put on repeat for a while. Something about it takes me back to the late 90’s, just has that vibe. Great production with a familiar sound thats still fresh and new.

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