Bassface Sascha – Obey EP [Subway Soundz]

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Tunes

I just could not wait to talk about this extended play. Absolutely overwhelming Jump Up Drum And Bass release from Bassface Sascha forth coming the sister label to the mecca that is Low Down Deep a predominate figure in quality Jump Up Drum And Bass content. Subway Soundz has been fairly quiet by comparison to steady flow of releases from Low Down Deep in the early twenty teens but the year twenty eighteen is an entirely different business plan. The man Logan D is a legend and who ever he has bouncing these tunes is at the top of their game a long with the graphics just look at the latest Origin’s release. Not that long ago we heard Slipz and Bou‘s two track EP and now we are truly blessed to peep what is forthcoming material from Bassface Sascha.

“Obey” is scary good. The kind of frightening good that you can only think to have some sort of epiphany afterwords.. some sort of outter body experience. Sascha’s drums have always slapped but whomevers mans is putting these through the machine and establishing a level of clarity nobody else has access to made “Obey” a seriously incredible tune. “Its A Trap” is this very charismatic piece of audio material, those ear piercing mid range screeches to the tone of an electric pulse. That same sounding punk rock drum kit that is frequented across all the latest materials from the above mentioned labels Low Down Deep and Subway Soundz. Shotguns “Scatter” at the horns of Phlex and Bassface’s colab which means if someone want war this be the tune that delivers. I am a huge fan of organs and I even programmed a few myself in Native Instrument’s FM8, Sascha’s tune “Back To Bad” has the slightest hint of one closest to the bridge and final bars of production. That alone had me coming back for the repeat along with the rest of this EP forthcoming Subway Soundz. If it is not obvious who needs to maintain a position on your rekordbox playlist this summer then let me be the first to tell you to cop this release as soon as it drops.

Bassface Sascha – Obey EP – Subway Soundz

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