Beams(Ft. Joe Dukie)(Monty Remix)-The Upbeats[Vision]


Once again we bring to you more of the latest Drum and Bass. Today we are presenting Beams by The Upbeats remix by Monty. Like very few he has risen quickly to the top of the ranks. Showing the persistence and dedication through out the mid 2010’s to get where he is. Doing much over the years on many record labels such asĀ  Invisible and 1985 Music. All of his hard work has paid off. Leading him to two years in a row being nominated as Best Newcomer at Drum and Bass Arena. With a legacy of releases showing off fast paced, clean sounding drum and bass, it’s sure that he has his place in the genre for years to come.

Beams (Monty Remix) is such a soulful and moving track. It seems to blend the line between dark atmospheric and the lighter melodical types. It features modern sounding kicks and snares and crisp high hats. The bass provides a bubbly rumble and melancholy bassline. Arpeggiated rhythmical synths create velocity over the mystifying vibe. The clear and bright vocalization of expressions adds even more feeling to the whole experience. This great remix by an awesome producer was recently released on the first of April and can be streamed or purchased here.


About Author

I am a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer based in Laredo TX. Looking to spread the vibe to people who love Drum and Bass music. I've been inspired by the likes of 90's alternative rock and Electronic music and have been DJ/Producing since 2019.