Benny L- ‘Vanta Black/Low Blow VIP’ [Metalheadz]

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The buzz has been building for Benny L’s “Vanta Black” and in just under a week since release across all platforms it’s quickly climbing to the top spot; a sure sign that it’s satisfying those expectations. One of the fresher faces in the scene Benny L has been putting in consistent work crafting his distinctive sound to secure his place in drum and bass with his moody, rolling basslines that get more monstrous with each release. Cutting his teeth with Audioporn Records and making big waves with massive tunes on Metalheadz he’s claimed the “Best Newcomer” from the Drum & Bass Arena Awards last year.  Striving for bigger and better things with consistency Benny L kicked off 2019 in a big way making historic accomplishments with his remix of John Holt’s “Police in Helicopter”. It not only saw the top spot on Beatport for drum and bass but hit number one on the main chart as well, something that has never happened before for this genre. Naturally everyone was waiting in anticipation of what would come next from this rising star so it had to be bigger than big and “Vanta Black” is absolutely massive; some are even calling it the best tune of 2019! Add the “Low Blow VIP” to the flip and this is already a release of epic proportions.

“Vanta Blackin” with Inja – it has to be said these two make a terrific team. OOF! What else can you say? The first sound sends shivers down your spine immediately diving deeply into the darkness with a nail biting atmospheric build to the dirtiest, nastiest drop you’ve ever heard. Inja rolls in precision over the gargantuan bass, ‘step into the black’, and we tumble further into the abyss as he leads the way his menacing lyrical rhythm swirling and engulfing over polished broken beats and beastly, bulky basslines that circulate and roll vigorously. The “Vanta Black” instrumental strips the vocals leaving space for the dj to creatively explore new mixes and blends to bring focus to the monumental bassline that is the epicenter of “Vanta Black”. This one is going to be making its way to plenty of raves shaking the floor and melting faces every time.

The track that saw the beginning of Benny L’s Metalheadz career in 2017 “Low Blow” has been super sized to astronomical proportions with the “Low Blow VIP”. An indistinguishable intro leaves the familiarity of the original generating an even bigger shock at the drop when we get a double dose of the bombshell bassline that put Benny L on the map. The original was an instant essential and ”Low Blow VIP” will follow that trend no doubt.

A new age mentality with roots in the old school Benny L has gained momentum combining classic rhythms and superior, unorthodox basslines to fabricate a sound characteristic to him alone. His unconventional style sets him apart from the rest and inspires a new generation encouraging exploration and new techniques in the ever evolving sound of drum and bass. We can’t wait to hear what Benny L will concoct next!  Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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