Bensley – One Last Chance feat. Skyelle [RAM]

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Tunes

The amazing Bensley is back again with another bone chilling release one Ram Records. The first time i heard about the signing of the young Canadian artist i was immediately intrigued. I had no idea what to expect and was in for quite a surprise when his first release dropped. The amount of innovation he brought to the table with that first release was such an inspiring and motivational one. Bensley completely re imagined the way we think about drum and bass with his completely awe inspiring to say the least. His album ” Next Generation ” really lived up to its name showing the world what he had to offer. Otherworldy melodic tones arranged in a never before heard way is key. Sometimes you have to let the music do the talking and with Bensley i think you will understand why.

This times he brings an absolutely gorgeous single called “One Last Chance” with vocalist Skyelle. One last chance starts off with a dramatic and chilling tone as striking piano chords appear in the soundscape. Skyelle’s breathtaking vocals bring tear inducing vibes as the tune progresses along. A video game inspired lead synth brings you into the drop showcasing Bensley’s ability to set a deep heartfelt tone with cutting edge sound design and beautifully scored effects. One last chance dances playfully across the board with its poetic vocals and incredible deep basslines. As the tune breaks the piano is met with a rich and vibrant saxophone from Bensley himself.

This is one of those tunes that makes me wanna cry because of how beautiful it is ( i did cry ). Very few releases gather this type of magical feeling of the human experience and all of the feelings attached with it. This is one of those experiences. “One Last Chance” is out now on Ram Records…..

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