Beskar – Wilhelm Scream/Mount Arakeirkos – Dirtbox Recordings

by | May 1, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Ok, I hope you’re ready for a beast of a release on Dirtbox Recordings from Edinburgh based producer; Beskar.  Having had releases on GZ Audio, Deep In The Jungle, Sub-Division and GTA he now has his first solo release of the year and first release on Dirtbox Recordings.  Given that the tracks and titles are all Star Wars inspired, the heads of Dirtbox Recordings have put this release out for May the 4th which will forever be known as Star Wars day.  

The opening track of the release is called Wilhelm Scream.  The intro is very atmospheric and almost sounds like an engine starting of a slightly battle worn X-Wing which then leads you to a scream on the drop which sounds just what Beskar was trying to portray, the Wilhelm Scream of each and every Beskar pilgrim around the camps on Maount Arakeirkos.  It’s a wicked tune which is very heavy with a stompy beat and jagged reece which just punishes the eardrums because quite frankly, you have to turn it up loud because it is so awesome.  

Next up is Mount Arakeirkos.  This starts with an eerie sound and a haunting vocal over the top to then an orchestral style intro which is quality and sounds like it might have a bit of influence from one of my favourite producers, Pythius.  The drop is heavy with an almost Prodigy style dance floor vibe but then switches into disgusting beats and reece basslines.  What an inventive tune, and one that will certainly shake the sound systems around the world and into galaxies far far away.   

So what a release from Beskar on Dirtbox Recordings.  Get yourself a copy this week on May 4th!  Links below for purchase and even better, Pre-Order!  Also, as per normal, clips of this outstanding release below.


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