Best Drum and Bass: Artists to Follow 2022 Vol.2

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Back once again with the second volume of Best Drum and Bass Artists to Follow 2022 and we have plenty of talent across the board to fill your drum and bass desires with unique styles and sounds spanning the sub genres of dnb from names you may not be familiar with yet. Check out the artists we think are making big moves in the scene and help show them support as they continue to pursue their dreams of bringing their drum and bass visions to the masses.


Hungry and relentless CPTL PNSHMNT are aggressively pursuing their passion for drum and bass from the North American island of Puerto Rico where this pair of powerhouse producers are steadily pushing the Neurofunk sound. With appearances on labels such as Close 2 Death, Histeria Records, Neuropunk and Korsakov Music they’re getting the look they deserve from bigger names with their consistency in quality and the punchy, energetic compositions they create. Check their track “Bonebreaker” with Thriller from the ‘Patrons LP’ on Neuropunk Records for a neck-breaking dose of neurofunk and keep an eye out for CPTL PNSHMNT‘s forthcoming track “The Outsider” on ’15 Years of C2D Part 1 coming soon! Click here to pre-order.


Building a base with various releases on ProtoCode and Kill Tomorrow over the past few years Dead Zodiac is hitting new heights with his latest “Mecha City” on Korsakov Future Stars Vol. 3 and ”Alpha Blood” from the Eatbrain ‘Divergence LP’. Dead Zodiac presents an aggressive style, brutally executed with a futuristic technique that creates bin blasting, floor shaking, disastrous drum and bass to cause destruction on the dance floor. Keep an eye on this one as Dead Zodiac continues to blaze his own trail through drum and bass with furious force and unique technique.


Bringing a more aggressive outlet of drum and bass to the masses Finalfix has smashed out some serious bangers for Code Smell, Close 2 Death, Hanzom Music and more keeping the hard style of drum and bass pumping with a certain finesse that is still inviting to the dance floor with a clean and killer sound. There’s a mysterious magic in the way Finalfix patterns his drums and overall technique pairing booming basslines with punchy percussive elements to annihilate the dance floor yet his still able to tone it down to a minimal, grungy funk. Be sure to grab ‘The Devil’s Advocate: Arrival’ from Finalfix on Hanzom Music for some heart pumping, adrenaline bursting sounds. There have also been hints at a Finalfix solo EP on Blackout so keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass we’ll be following up on that as well!


Smashing into the scene Konquest is bringing the heat with his carefully constructed style pleasing the masses with a blend of gritty, technical elements, solid, driving basslines, a sic neuro punch and still somehow friendly enough for just about any dance floor. Konquest’s tunes have a wicked flare with thick, quality sound plus he has a drive like no other this one is a bomb just waiting to go off! Catch his track “Make the Grade” out now on the Eatbrain ‘Divergence LP’ as well as releases on C4C and Close 2 Death in the near future!! You can also grab this sic free download from Konquest: “In the Distance”. Keep an eye on this one for sure, he’s set to be a key player in the future of drum and bass!
Konquest just launched a Facebook artist page go hit that like button and tell your friends!


MV has been making a solid appearance in drum and bass including releases on Hive 2021, Korsakov Future Stars Vol. 2, Yana and Boomslang Recordings. His ‘Make Noize EP’ on Kosen Production this year is really starting to turn some heads with new aged compositions that are punchy and forceful but ride clean in the mix banging the neuro vibe with enough funk to keep it danceable with exciting elements and masterful mixdowns MV’s tracks up the energy in the mix and captivate the crowd. We can’t wait to see what else MV has up his sleeve!


This undercover US dnb duo has graced the Best Drum and Bass feed several times since they surfaced in late 2019 on Behavior Recordings with reviews on the ‘Skull and Bones EP’ and ‘The Outer Limits EP’. Quickly snapped up by RAM/ProGRAM Shanks’ dark and devious style of drum and bass is more mysterious and captivating than the unknown identities of these technical and talented producers. Destructively masterful compositions that barrel through the mix to annihilate the sound waves with a maddening style is just a fraction of what you can expect from a Shanks track. Check out their latest release ‘Skull and Bones EP’ on Program and keep it locked to


Variation and versatility flows through Shayper’s production technique diving through the sub genres of drum and bass across the board and beyond as he’s powerfully pumping out tracks gaining momentum in the scene. Punchy, jumpy, jungle vibes combining darkly devastating basslines with smooth grooves; Shayper is extremely technically inclined. Every track is fresh and unique Shayper kills the originals and collabs with quality sound every time. Grab the ‘You EP’ on ProgRAM or his single Raggamuffin on Grand Theft Audio Recordings for some mind bending bass.


The stylish and sophisticated trio of SOLA has been smashing through the drum and bass scene piling up releases on Grand Theft Audio Recordings, Boomslang Recordings, Korsakov Music, Druid Records and ProgRAM just to name a few. Fusing their individual styles and talents SOLA brings flavor from every sub genre and beyond with melodic melodies and ballads to banging neurofunk and old school Jungle sounds there’s so many genuinely interesting and diverse elements to their style. SOLA is taking big strides as they continue to refine their own sound with consistent momentum they’re climbing to the top! Grab their latest “Sun God” out now on Boomslang and be sure to pre-order ‘Lose My Cool’ out this Friday on Dub Damage.


Snappy, orchestral compositions organized with precision and style heightens the emotion and energy instantly when Something Something’s tracks enter the mix. Clean compositions with intricacy in the instrumental elements that pour through these tunes pull captivating classical sounds into her drum and bass powerhouse, dance floor friendly, tracks. Impressively only producing since 2019 she’s already landed on some impressive labels with monstrous ballads like “Someone” on Korsakov Music and her latest “Second Sight” on Elevate Records seethe energy into the set with ravishing reese basslines, symphonic sounds, heart stopping vocals and soothing melodies to smash the dance. There’s definitely something special about Something Something leaving us eagerly awaiting more from this rising star in the scene.


Since Sovryn made the flip to drum and bass bursting through on Korsakov Music with his ‘Static Vision EP’ we’ve been showered with forward thinking compositions melding sub genre sounds with brilliantly brutal bass design that’s all part of Sovryn’s signature hybrid groove. Artistic and energetic Sovryn’s compositions instantly boost any set and keep the emotion flowing on the dance floor. Whether it’s a remix or original composition Sovryn has the magic touch offering quality and consistency that’s above and beyond the typical sound. Grab his latest release ‘Valhalla/Obelisk’ out now on Korsakov Music.

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Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass we’ll be adding to this list some more keeping you in tune with the hardest working artists and freshest banging tunes!

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