Best Drum and Bass: Artists to Follow 2022 Vol. 3

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Coming back atcha with Volume 3 of Best Drum and Bass artists to Follow 2022 continuing to spotlight artists we feel are pushing the boundaries of drum and bass as they infuse their style into the genre, pushing the evolution of this music, making big moves and stacking playlists worldwide with fresh ideas and killer new tunes.


The newest addition to the Korsakov roster and already slaying it in the scene behind the decks, C:rcle released her debut track with the label “Love Survives”; a brilliant and bubbly banger inspired by the likes of iconic dance floor sounds. When Korsakov Music introduces an artist we KNOW they have massive amounts of talent to explore and as part of the mentorship program there’s going to be much more to come from C:rcle! Grab your copy of “Love Survives” HERE and check out this GUEST MIX from C:rcle.


If you’re on the hunt for high energy, banging neurofunk Despersion is where it’s at! With releases on Eatbrain, Neuropunk Records, SLK Records and more Despersion is leading the way with powerful compositions that stomp through the mix and get the floor moving with the animated vibrancy that pours through their tracks. Colossal basslines, next level rhythms, electrifying and energetic – Despersion is breaking boundaries entering a league all their own. Check their latest ‘Nemesis EP’ coming soon on Eatbrain. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER.


ESKR has been popping off in 2022 with furiously funky tracks crafted with consistent quality and a vibe all his own. Thick compositions, booming basslines, intense harmonies, punchy rhythms and clean mixdowns all contribute heavily to this sound. ESKR has showered the drum and bass community with an EP on Boomslang Recordings, an LP on Grand Theft Audio Recordings and a massive list of free downloads this year in addition to managing BSR, a lengthy list of DJ mixes and the list goes on. ESKR is an unstoppable machine and always on point!

Check out the spotlights on the ‘Terraform EP’ and ‘Solstice LP’ !  

Then go grab these FREE DOWNLOADS from ESKR. And don’t miss out on his wicked set of DJ MIXES !


I.C.U brings a deeply diverse style to the table from fun, jumpy compositions to dark, dirty and bassy numbers, flipping back to neurofunk with some delicate dance floor ballads in-between. I.C.U covers the complete spectrum of dnb perfectly, tastefully presented with focus on technicality and sound design. Whatever style of track I.C.U drops you know it will be thick, full, snappy and fresh. Check out the latest on Korsakov Music ‘Heal the World/Jump’ CLICK HERE  and rewind to the spotlight on ‘Push the Button’ with THIS feature.


Impeccable style and intricacy in composition makes Impex stand out from the rest. Next level production techniques curate fun and funky tracks that shine in the mix boasting daring drum patterns, fantastically fat basslines and soaring sounds these tracks snap through the mix with an unmatched artistry. Impex has releases across several major labels this year including Eatbrain, Histeria Records and Boomslang Recordings as well as ‘The Minute EP’ on Dirtbox Recordings (CLICK HERE to snag your copy) and the latest coming 17th November on Korsakov Music ‘How Low’ that packs and absolute throat punch of power that is undeniably next level music.

Peep the full review of House Party w/AL/SO HERE.


Coming in hot on Korsakov Future Stars Vol. 2 Kaizen Flow has since landed tracks on several more impressive imprints including Eatbrain, Expedite Records and the latest to smash through the charts ‘TLM/Object’ on VTO Records. This dynamic duo shows no signs of slowing down! Delicately balancing nasty neurofuk vibes with tastefully technical melodies and monsterous basslines Kaizen Flow is pushing the future sounds of dnb with a masterfully groundbreaking sound. Be sure to get in depth on ‘VTO/Object’ with the full feature HERE and check out the complete Kaizen Flow catalogue for something snappy to slip in your sets!


KNOXZ is on the rise kicking out releases on Abducted LTD, Close2Death, Formation Records and the latest double dose of deviously devastating bangers on Boomslang Recordings with the ‘Mental State EP’. KNOXZ has a tasty ornate, technical style on his own and pulls collaborations with some super talented artists like The Voss and Glitch on this EP. KNOXZ has a whole arsenal of drum and bass artillery he’s ready to unleash on the world and we are here for it one hundred percent. Be sure to grab a copy of the latest release HERE and check out his Beneath the Surface Podcast.


A dark force concealed in the shadows, every time Melanchol surfaces he brings new life to dnb. This year welcomed his debut to C4C with the ‘Formation EP’. Read the full feature HERE. Melanchol melds a sinisterly dark, technical style bringing a blast from the past into newly developed sound with tenacious technique. Melanchol creates tracks with a crafty, steppy sound that are abstract and unique. We will be anxiously awaiting his next release! In the meantime pick up your copy of the ‘Formation EP’ on C4C HERE.


Myselor is breaking the mold in drum and bass with his thick compositions that intertwine intense, complex energy focused on a darker vibe twisting dark melodies with complex rhythms and elaborate bass design to thrash some funk into the mix. The ‘Rebirth EP’ on Blackout Music is a serious showcase of Myselor’s sound and don’t miss the single “Prototype” as part of Optiv Stories, Legacy. A true pioneer in drum and bass Myselor’s work is reshaping the standard and smashing the soundwaves with edgy attitude.


Providing a plethora of tracks to the tech-step connoisseurs with consistency this year Nurve is finding meaning in the music, and beyond, heading up Eleven One One Music and urging the drum and bass community as a whole to be more aware and involved. A truly inspirational outlook paired with a style that is craved throughout the scene Nurve pulls off the sound masterfully with thick, grimy, booming compositions riding on dangerously dirty basslines and rhythms that rage relentlessly through the mix. Nurve is pioneering the new era of drum and bass and has our support! Check out the latest release featuring the tracks “Virtue” and “Discipline” HERE. Keep an eye out for Nurve’s upcoming single “Scorcher” on Root 97 Music’s ‘Chapter 3’. It’s a heater!


Every track hits the sweet spot from Phage with deliciously drummy, dark vibes bringing blistering basslines to life with beastly beats, nudging a bit of neurofunk into the mix with a sound design all his own. Tracks like “Submarine” from the ‘Black Magic EP’ on C4C or “Fa11out” on Close2Death slay the floor and stand out in the setlist with beastly energy and superior vibes. Keep an eye on this one, Phage has a sound that can’t be matched! Snag your copy of the ‘Black Magic EP’ HERE.


With only a few years in the game Stonx let go of a landslide of material this year, flooding the drum and bass community with their indisputable in your face sound across some major labels as well as their own, Stonx Music. Upbeat, energetic, clean and crisp their tracks pack a serious punch. As hosts of the Stonxcast they bring fun to the mix with fresh new tunes and their tracks are truly a neruofunk lovers dream come true. Stonx is definitely up and on the move! Hit up their catalogue HERE to boost the energy in your sets!


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