Best Drum and Bass: Digging on the Dark Side of DNB

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Moody vibes, kicks that crunch and fuzzy basslines bring the booming low end tones to life in this week’s selections from the dark side; the drum and bass long sought after by the fanatics of the tech step sound that once shook the scene and is now resurging even more powerful than before. Here’s a few of the selections seething into the sets reviving this style of DNB that we here at Best Drum and Bass particularly enjoy.

CZA ‘Nightdrive’ [C4C Recordings]


The beat kicks in and the vibe engulfs the room as the drums control the build unleashing a vigorous funk that explodes at the drop bouncing and bending with a rhythmic flow. “Nightdrive” is full of punchy, grimy energy with broken beats that beckon goose bumps and effects that pop through the mix. Nostalgic vibes with modern flare CZA turns the heat up with this one.


Atmospherics echo in the intro as the drum line pounces to life. Tension builds winding to the drop. Melodic highs surge and swell with the build as the bassline takes control. Driving angrily through the darkness “Gravity Well” continues to pump precariously through the mix taunting the dance floor with its mischievous moodiness.

CZA’s ‘Nightdrive’ available now on C4C Recordings, buy here.

Various Artists ‘Death Valley LP’ [Close 2 Death]

15 years of Close 2 Death brings the darkness and beyond. Check these tracks we’re really feeling that showcase the more devastating tones of drum and bass from this release!


Deep synths flow beneath a callous broadcast narrating the “Fa11out”. Savage beats flow at the drop snapping over low end basslines that carry the flow. Grimy energy, ferocious fills and wild effects make this tech step stomper come to life to murk the dance floor with devastating power.


Tension swells through the build in a beastly fashion adding a neuro tinge to the tech step style whipping and thrashing through this track. Boundless beats are layered over a driving basslines; these precarious drum patterns spewing utter filth and a dark funk throughout Konquest’s “Vanta”.


Faint atmospherics linger in the build as the beats snap to life as moody vocal snippets loom preparing for doom. The bassline buzzes to life leading to a drop that overflows with a snappy, grungy flow spewing through the measures with a dark energy emitting all around. Serious snap to a half time groove in the second half makes this a track that’s “Hard” to miss.


Dark and devious beats trudge through the shadows, slowly bubbling as “Azimuth” comes to life. Dangerous melodies dive in from the darkness as the anticipation grows. The drop pummels into the low ends driving on the bouncing bassline as the rhythms and effects fill this one out keeping the groove on the move with intent to make the floor move!

Check these tracks and whole lot more on the ‘Death Valley LP’ celebrating 15 years of Close 2 Death available now at this link!

M:FX & IAMDOOMED ‘Dutty Dogs’ [Delta9 Recordings]


Drums punch and pounce through the build popping with accents and effects leading to literally the duttiest drop in this track titled with the utmost accuracy. Basslines slice between darting drumlins as “Dutty Dogs” delivers the dark bounce to cure that technical itch.

40hz FUNK

“40hz Funk” will get the dance floor on the move with a groovy intro that heats up the build seriously stylin’ with instrumentals building harmoniously amidst energetically broken beats dipping and diving between the bassline bubbling from beneath.


Snappy kicks soar with bass that pounds through the bins relentlessly reviving nostalgic vibes in this dark and funky ride. “Flashback” packs a powerful punch overflowing with fills as the beats break and the bass blasts the floor to bits with its mystifying sound.

M:FX & IAMDOOMED’s ‘Dutty Dogs EP’ is available now from Delta9 Recordings, click here.

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