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This week Comanche Records label manager P Skankz drops in for an exclusive mix and interview, alongside the resident mix by Dioptircs. Listen & read and find out why MC Coppa’s Comanche Records is quickly rising to the top of the Drum and Bass world! (Mix Tracklist and links at the bottom of this article)

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Comanche Records / P Skankz interview

Introduce yourself & Background info on Comanche Records.

Yo, I’m P Skankz AkA Comanche Paul Co-Label Manager, Resident DJ, full time Dappa don  & Part time Badman @ Comanche Records, UK.
Comanche Records is the Brian child of Coppa as an outlet for his work mania & OCD. Turning out pretty well I reckon!

Who is your favorite “Non Drum and Bass” artist?
My favourite non-DnB artist is easily Collie Buddz. I was introduced to his music ’bout 5 years ago and to be honest, his music is just better than everyone else’s! He brings a lot of passion & energy to every track he releases and for me there is no other artist like him.

Tell us about your first experience with Drum and Bass:
My first real experience with Drum ‘n’ Bass was with my cousin, he had a beat up old Vauxhall Astra & we would drive ’round the manor with the same DJ Dazee  tape from a Helter Skelter tape pack from around 96! We were bad boys! Ha, I think I’ve still got that tape somewhere? Growing up in Brighton, UK round this time Drum and bass was prevalent on all mans stereos!

Talk about your favorite Comanche Records release, what’s your favourite track?
Well Coppa Presents ‘An Act Of Aggression’ , what can I say? Coppa & the producers went in on this LP! Smashed the granny out of each and every track simple! And managed to cover a wide spectrum of Drum and Bass throughout the Album, there’s something for everyone on this LP! What’s my favourite track? Well… Damn this is harder than I thought… Erm, probably ‘Rhythms of Life’ with Virtue & Damian Yonge or ‘Panic’ with Benny L or ‘We Set Fire with Mindscape! This isn’t fair man, can’t I just have all 3 and then a few more?

Who are your top 5 Current Drum and Bass artists?
My top 5 DnB artists at the moment would have to be, in no particular order, Mindscape, Serial Killaz, DJ Alpha, Jade as producer from a long time and I suppose I should chuck Coppa in there too! Haha! All joking aside, he’s probably my favourite DnB artist out there right now, definitely my favourite MC! But on a real, there’s so much talent coming through daily that to narrow it down is next to impossible! The Drum n Bass culture worldwide is smashing it right now!

Who’s the one artist youd like to work with the most:
Oooh that is a tough one, so far we’ve worked with everyone we wanted to. There’s so many artists right now bringing so many different things to the game that its impossible to single one person out! We look at it this way, there’s already some huge names released on the Label, guys like Mindscape, Maztek, Cooh, Machine Code & DJ Hidden who were all big fans of over here so I guess we living the dream right now! 🙂

Describe your favorite bassline:
Ha My favourite bassline is defo TnT – 2 Degrees! Waaaarb waarb, de ner ner ner ner, waaaarb waarb! Kaaa plow! What a bassline, even today it still smashes the dance!

What is your strangest “party” experience?
My strangest experience wasn’t at one of my shows but when I hit up a rave after I was playing at a different venue in Brighton and I first met Coppa. He was performing at the rave and I kidnapped him after his set! Then spent an epic 3 days raving in Brighton to everything from House to DnB, RnB the lot. It was a bank holiday weekend & my birthday to boot! I would say fond memories but not much can be remembered to be honest!

Where do you see Drum and Bass evolving too right now?
Neurofunk seems to be shining right through at the moment and with the likes of Eatbrain, Bad Taste, Trendkill & even not neurofunk, i´d say Spearhead are up at the forefront of innovative dnb right now, I can’t see that changing anytime soon. There’s some awesome newer labels like Mayan Audio, Druid Records & Seretone coming through too so I think its an exciting time for Drum n Bass!

Thanks for the interview, and the awesome mix! As a final thought, whats your one tip for the Drum and Bass world?
Love Drum n Bass in its entirety! Don’t conform to what is ‘the norm’ but be you and put your heart & soul into all your work, put YOU in to your work (for me that’s the most important thing) and let’s keep the genre of Drum and Bass music and culture thriving for years to come! 🙂

Thanks for having me and Comanche on here guys and if anyone wants to contact me about anything (useful)  or general label inquires to , we promise to keep you all entertained to the max, next release is schedule for September!  Big ups & SKIDDANK!!



Dioptrics Tracklist
1- Dioptrics vs Sureshock – Us vs the Machine [Dread / UFO]
2- Matiflow – Ghost Train [Seritone]
3- Kutlo – Vertical Align [Druid]
4- Sensus – Consistent [Lifestyle]
5- Jahe ft GadmanDubs – Falling Down [Abducted LTD]
6- Kritix – Into the Deep [Mayan]
7- Blueshift – Singularity [Faded]
8- Blacklab – Autotelic [Abducted LTD]
9- Billain – Victory [Eatbrain]
10- Pish Posh – 666 Carbon [Dub]
11- Symbl – Exiled [Ultragore]
12- Blacklab – Boundless [Abducted LTD]
13- Kritix – We Are Here [Mayan]
14- Mindscape – The 4th [Blackout]
15- Nphonix & Engage – Core Melt [Algorythm]
16- Billain – Feed for Speed [Eatbrain]
17- The Sect – Glass Jaw [Abducted LTD]
18- Esassin – Symptom (Arsen!c RMX) [Soundsphere]
19- Dossa & Loccuzzed – Beatfunk [Mainframe]
20- Velos – Titanic [Schedule One]
21- Bone – Earthbound State [Faded]
22- Blacklab – Ghosts [Abducted LTD]
23- Matiflow – Lesson One [Serotone]
24- Billain – Kingston Drone [Eatbrain]
25- Blacklab – Busted [Abducted LTD]

P-Skankz tracklist
1- Jade, Mindscape & Coppa – Friday the 13th VIP
2- SpectraSoul – The Tube (Shogun Audio)
3- Machine Code ft Coppa – Sound Dictator (Eatbrain)
4- Mindscape – The 4th (Blackout Music)
5- Coppa & Disphonia – Paranoize (Comanche Records)
6- Fusion UK – Twisted Bliss (Emcee Records)
7- Kritix featuring Jenny Jones – All Of Me (Mayan Audio)
8- Mayhem & Logam – Ouroboros (Jade Remix) (Santoku)
9- Coppa & Mindscape – We Set Fire (Comanche Records)
10- Lyptikal – Thirsty Ferret (Random Concept)
11- DJ SS – Lighter (Formation Records)
12- Coppa & Virtue ft Damian Yonge – Rhythms Of Life (Comanche Records)

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