Review: The Best of DTR 2019-2020 Compilation [Digital Terror Records]


Digital Terror Records is packing with a full clip.

Digital Terror has loaded up 26 of their best heavyweight slugs from 2019-2020 onto one massive compilation including cuts from the likes of Sub Killaz, Total Recall, Replicant, Jayline, Prestige, Danny The Wildchild, JTR, Lowriderz and many more. This is an expansive set of tracks from the label’s past year that reminds us that there is a ton of talent emerging in the Drum and Bass genre. Rough and ready, this is the sound of a label that is pulling no punches.

There are some absolute gut-punchers on this compilation.”Whoa!” is the opening track and that is exactly the feeling you get from this release. It’s really nice to hear a semi-bootleg of “Like Whoa!” as the hook is quite hard to forget.

Raw aggression is consistent throughout the album which is spread over 26 tracks and includes a vocal track featuring MC Dino, called “Pico Skank”. This tune from heavyweights Bou, Dutta, and Jayline is a nice nod to the West Coast with its lyrics and a credit to the versatility of MC Dino with his unique delivery that works for any genre.

It is hard to choose a favorite from this selection.

To give you an idea of where to start, we’ve included the promo mix by the label head, Masseo. “Get High” from Lowriderz is an absolute slugfest while “Direction Course” by Jack The Ripper is another shredder on its own. It is amazing to think that Danny The Wildchild continues to release some of the best tunes you could wish for. “My Style” proves that his sound is impeccable and cannot be duplicated. I feel that there is definitely something to be enjoyed out of each of the artists featured on this release.

Sporting a premium selection of heavy drum & bass with raw, undiluted dancefloor energy, this is the release to pick up for listening and mixing purposes. Bravo!

Best of DTR 2019-2020 Compilation from Digital Terror Records is available now from all major music outlets and streaming platforms.

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