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We asked and you voted in our biggest turnout yet! We are extremely happy to announce the winners that have been chosen as September 2015 BEST DRUM AND BASS RELEASE! It is quite an honor to help continue to push forward such amazing acts, and we hope that our monthly voting will help give some additional ideas to new and old junglists alike as to whats hot on the current release in the drum and bass world.

WINNER: Preamble EP Consouls, Daniel Hunter Jones, J-Tec [Patrol The Skies Music]

Up and coming Los Angeles duo, and recent Electric Daisy Carnival discovery project winners Consouls, continue on their rise to drum and bass fame by winning the visitors choice for best drum and bass release of September 2015. Release by American Drum and Bass label Patrol the Skies Music, you will be sure to find something for everyone in this very versatile EP. Each with a distinct driving, yet danceable, style that have been proven to destroy dance floors. If you haven’t yet, make sure to drop by and pick up this massive release, and keep your eyes out as this duo continues to dominate the drum and bass world!

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Second Place: Prelude to Schism / Thanos by Kantyze, Bowsar [Concussion Records]

Neurofunk Drum and Bass fans have a new “go-to” label if this pinnacle first release is any signifying factor in what is to come from Concussion Records. Junglist veterans Bowsar and Kantyze head up this massive release with a very well constructed 2 song release. Make sure to check it out below, and congrats to them for being voted second place!

Third place: Stateside by Pish Posh, Fonkah [Schedule One Recordings]

Mr “YOU’RE GROUNDED” himself, Pish Posh, teams up with Fonkah for a very powerful single published by Schedule One Recordings titled “STATESIDE”. This track melds some amazing melodies and driving bass lines and is an immensely powerful tool to have in your bag for a gig of any size. Its amazing to see Stateside talent continue to rise and show the world that the USA can hold the torch just as well as all the other countries rocking out awesome drum and bass.

Fourth place: 206 (Album Sampler) by Quadrant, Iris, Kid Hops [Commercial Suicide]

In my opinion, Klute’s label Commercial Suicide, is one of the best labels in the world for consistently finding music that is not only technically brilliant, but also melodically pleasing. Quadrant, Iris and Kid Hops fit the bill to a T with this brilliant 3 song sampler from what is sure to be an amazingly well crafted album out later this month ( October 2015 ).

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Fifth place: Colonize EP by Billain, Kodin [Eatbrain]

This is an amazing release. I love this release. I really fucking love this release. Did I mention how much I love this release? Billain has proven time and time again as to why he is the pinnacle of not just stepping outside of the box, but redefining the way people think about sound creation in general. Teaming up with Jade’s amazing label Eatbrain and with a special feature on my favorite tune of the release by Kodin, this is a neurofunk drum and bass mind fuck of a release. I very highly reccomend you check this release out if for nothing else than to hear the creativity oozing out of every track.

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Also, congrats to the following releases for rounding out top 10!

6th: When I Hit The Streets / Out Of The Blue SIGNALFISTA [Patrol The Skies Music]

7th: Where We Go / Ghostwriter Doctor, Calyx & TeeBee [RAM Records]

8th: Get Down to It / Fake Current Value, Prolix [Trendkill Records]

9th: Peace of Mind (Album Sampler) Klone, Skynet [Mindtech LTD]

10th (TIE): Rocket Science Current Value [Blackout Music NL]

10th (TIE): Holding On / Afterthought Legion, Logam, Legion & Logam, Micah Freeman [Program]

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