Best Of Sound Solution Digital: Part 3 [Sound Solution]

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Taking a trip down memory lane as we anticipate the forthcoming twenty-eighteen releases off Sound Solution Digital and little sister Gully Beats. Drum And Bass like most things believe it or not do run full cycle. Jungle is making a huge come back overseas and I’m not talking room 2 business, I’m talking main room front and center. All the same, Jump Up Drum And Bass is doing the same. With artists revisiting original bits or sending them off to friends for fresh remixes of ten year old tunes. It is always nice to have the back catalog resurface, give those old bits a fresh remaster so it can hang with the proper productions of today. I myself am constantly trying to play the old with the new but sometimes that quality of production during the era an old bit was released in does not amount to what we can achieve now. Let’s check out this reboot and see if it holds any dance floor value.

K.O Expendable By Chris Vader feat. Kolapse

Danger Zone By Phantom Warrior

Jack In The Box By Jack The Ripper feat. Kolapse

A few internet radio programs ago I obtained this massive throw back release and gave a couple of these tunes a run for their money literally. Chris Vader’s tune ‘K.O Expendable’ stacks side by side with some of the latest bits being rinsed right now. Link and BullyBeatz with a healthy roller and rollers never age. MC Kolapse has a strong presence on this complication album and honestly, every single feature slaps. ‘Jack In The Box’, ‘The Point’ and that Chris Vader joint are the ones. The VIP to ‘Danger Zone’ is what I originally heard first however many years ago and from what I remember it was a sub low roller, the original take on the track by Phantom Warrior is definitely a change of pace to the latter. Be sure to jump from any one of these previews available on this article and check out this massive twenty tune throwback album!

Original Bad Boy By Link & BullyBeatz

Shaolin Temple By Kushty

The Point By Jazza feat. Kolapse

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