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by | Nov 4, 2020 | Tunes

Billain’s ‘Codename EP’ is about to blast off into #cyberneuro space heating things up with hard hitting neurofunk madness. Ready to bend minds as intended with Metnem music’s mission statement, let’s take a closer look at these three killer tracks that land this week on Beatport.

Title track “Codename” leads in with savage militant beats as a chopper-like rhythm booms in the backdrop to kick things into high gear. Harmonies play in the distance, stretching full measures as the intensity increases building upon the beat, winding wickedly amidst insane vocalizations toward the drop. Billain intricately initiates annihilation of the mix as manic drums blast in with extra hard kicks pounding powerfully allowing the bass to bound between measures with brutal force. Focusing extra attention on effects and fills “Codename” boasts severed broken beats flowing through the composition with endless enhancements creating variety and flare. Sure to get the floor moving in unison “Codname” is one to grab for the bag.

Billain and Codex team up on “Netsphere” combining forces with extra vehemence to disintegrate the dance floor. Sneaking in upon chords that climb and bend between an accelerating beat a quick break in the build animates the energy flipping “Netsphere” to a dance friendly vibe that leaves little warning to the true potency of the drop. A powerhouse punch of full on neurofunk consumes the composition as vigorous drums smash a full, forceful beat. Flexible basslines twist and bend flowing furiously between fun breaks and quick change-ups riddled with effects to impact the mix. A bit of funk in the melodic elements of this track combined with variations in the drop provides room to breathe amidst the symphony of sounds riding in the undertones. Don’t miss out on the killer collab “Netsphere” from Billain x Codex.

“Cocoon” wraps up the ‘Codename EP’ with a deeper, darker vibe. Ambience sets the tone on the intro skipping in on the low ends jaunting amidst the harmonies. Synthesized keys consume at the drop riding the scale up and down as the melody drives over a steady beat. Swirling through the composition on a minimal vibe “Cocoon” is moody and dirty lending ultimate creativity to the DJ slipping this one into the mix.
An adventurous journey through time and space sit back and let your mind swirl with the serenity of Billian’s “Cocoon”.

The official video premier is live NOW. A visually stimulating journey of serene scenes and painted skies synchronized with the sounds of this single from the ‘Codename EP’.

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