Billain – Colonize [EatBrain]

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Tunes

I was in the dark for 2 full weeks, but I just had to post this one as soon as regained internet access! Billain has been, since I’ve been listening to drum & bass, one of the biggest influences and models to me. Since first hearing his sound 5 years ago, I instantly fell in love. But this last release (which by the way drops today coincidentally) just straight up blew my mind.

Colonize, in particular. I don’t know what it is, I simply can’t put my finger on it. I could talk about how the drum pattern is intricate, or how the melody and basslines intertwine. I could even talk about the atmosphere of this track.

But I’ll just let the music speak for itself on this one.
That’s how good it is.

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