Billain – Enslaved [Rampage Recordings]

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Tunes

The entity behind Billain is back once more with another astonishing display of theatrical driven heavy Drum & Bass action starting out this new year with a bang. If you are a fan of heavy and technical D&B then at some point or another you probably have heard of Billain. A project drenched in blood, sweat and incredibly creative sound design for the past 10+ Years. He’s a sonic extraordinary and this weeks review in subject is no different.

Enslaved starts its tone with taught percussive elements arranged in a meticulously abstract fashion, its atmosphere bathed in rich sounds that could paint the neo-dystopian future clear as day. Enslaved winds up into a wrenching and curdled twist of bass before launching into the drop at mach 1. Blasting into the drop is a full assault of intrinsically layed drums and fills that dont let off the throttle for one nano second, a second layer of atmospherics come in before the break overwhelmingly soaking the tune in angelic choirs of the CS80 before winding up back up.

Enslaved is out now. Listen to it here

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