Billain is writing and directing his own animated SciFi film

by | Jan 28, 2021 | News, Spotlight

Bladerunner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell…. Fugitive. Billain’s upcoming Sci Fi feature is rich in the dreams, soundscapes, and megacities that captivated SciFi Fans for decades. A master of thematic sonic storytelling enters the realm of the animated. 


Billain is writing and directing his own animated SciFi film. After pushing the boundaries and limits of electronic music for over a decade, Adis KutKut – Billain – is leveling up yet again with the first-ever drum & bass sci-fi film. Throughout his ever-evolving yet constantly genre-bending and even inventing releases like EP’s Blockfield, Colossus, Colonize, Extraction and Codename all the way to his last full studio album- Nomad’s Revenge, Billain has written all of his stories into a non-linear narrative taking place in a unified universe space opera, rich with characters and their complex roles and stories in it. This culminated in a carefully and impeccably crafted story with a decade worth of complexity, spanning his full ensemble arsenal of sonic art. However, this upcoming project will take his sonic storytelling far beyond anything even he has ever done, pioneering the world’s first-ever film crafted in the new forms of drum and bass narrative.

The film – titled Fugitive – is based on a short story Billain wrote two years ago, featuring one of the three protagonists seen from his concept short film Nomad’s Revenge. The film has been developed with an Animator whose identity has been kept secret, Scottish 3D modeler Geordie Third – known as Machine Cult – and an Illustrator, and Marko Gacnik, an illustrator from Sarajevo storyboard assistant. The newspaper report says the film has been in the making for a year internationally and will be worldwide released. As also reported by the Korsakov agency, the script, written by Billain, emphasizes “a complex game of quantum layers, time echoes, and third N-body problem in a relative future through the eyes of characters.”!!!! “Fugitive” has not received an official release date and there is no word yet on who will release it. Stay posted for more updates by following Billain’s social networks for more details.

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