Billains ” Fugitive ” Trailer 2

by | Dec 23, 2021 | News

Billain is expanding his gritty cyberneuro universe with an upcoming film entitled ” fugitive “. Trailer 2 shows us the ever expanding world with much more clues and interconnectivity between his musical releases. Gritty post-human streets filled head to toe with what only remains from a now defunct society. Taking place in Neo-Sarajevo 300 years in the future is an ode to Billains hometown but reimagined into his.

Keeping themes of Sarajevo to keep it recognizable is part of the beauty in this post human world showcasing a protagonists ever evolving story. Starting with an equally Christopher Nolan – esque paradoxically speech on time in the into backed by an array of thick soundscapes to build tension Fugitive quickly takes your mind deep into the world of cyberneuro.


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