Binary – Activated/Infinite [Abducted LTD]


The darling duo from the Netherlands Binary returns to Abducted LTD with their pulse-pounding single Activated/Infinite. Adding some more heat to fire since their last single Cytosis/Symplex on Kill Tomorrow, the boys have not taken their foot off the gas with this single and boy this is definitely going to make speakers shake.

Triggering your fight or flight responses the moment you hit play is the aptly named Activated. Opening up with some menacing synth work and tribal drums before switching to an almost metal-like feel before the drop, this track from start is warning you about the neuro destruction that’s about to come. Then this track slams into the perfect synthesis of heavy complex Neurofunk featuring a bumpin double kick with almost dancefloor vibe synths laden ontop of it. The end result is the perfect tune to keep the dance floor hot while turning things to about an 8 on the Richter scale.

Continuing with the heavy vibes on the b-side is the powerful Infinite. Building with the same level of intensity and menacing Activated had, Infinite opts for more complexity. With buzzsaw like Reese bass and space-filling atmospheric sythns, the intro of this track conjures Black Sun Empire/Cause4Concern vibes and Binary earns this comparison. Powerful yet almost swingy drums permeate the backbone of the track with a warm yet rugged bassline making the bedrock, the phrasing and arrangement of the synths change and shift as the track goes on freshly, keeping the energy levels over 9000 from start to finish.

Listening to Binary gave me the same thought I had when I first heard the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, and The Upbeats: “How the hell does somebody make something so crazy!?”. With heavy bass and drums, expertly crafted synths and patches, and that perfect mixdown, Binary are true blacksmiths of drum and bass. Grab your copy today and see what all the fuss is about!


About Author

Haji is simply put a tried and true Drum and Bass enthusiast. After being introduced to Drum and Bass in 2012, Haji became entranced by the music so much so he dedicated himself to learning all he can about the music and as a result how to spin it. Now he regularly puts out mixes and spins at shows not for money or fame, but just out of pure love of the art form. SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK