Bl4ck Owlz – Face Scraper EP [EATBRAIN]

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French producers BL4CK OWLZ and THE CLAMPS have been shredding through the scene lately with cutting edge precision bringing some of the most progressive neurofunk Drum & Bass to the table. Back once more on Eatbrain Recording with a scorcher of an EP you will understand why the combination of these two groups are extremely deadly. The mysterious group THE CLAMPS has been shrouded in secrecy and continues to unleash a reign of terror in the best way possible.
Bl4ck Owls are quickly moving up the charts to make a name for themselves and this is another notch in that belt most definitely.

Face Scraper starts off with a full time percussion vibe quickly building and increasing intensity until the pressure is released. Deep and aggressive reese bass moves energy around in a vicious manner. The drop comes full force at you like a moving freight train headed off the rails, neck snapping bass and punching percussion scorch the tones. Dark and heavy switch ups continue throughout the track blasting into the forefront with immense pressure and only continue to get harder and harder as the tune progresses.

Let’s dive into this insane EP!!

First tune up is hands down my favorite. Primal Call unleashes like a knife literally scrapping your face off!! It’s a pure monster tune!!

Next up is the Title track from this EP featuring the very so talented The Clamps. Face Scraper is the true definition of neurofunk. With it’s massively heavy basslines to it’s nasty fx. Any dancefloor should be scared!!!!

Bot Factory is # 3 off this one. Again Bl4ck Owlz shows their amazing talent on this nasty banger. Bot Factory is action packed banger that is here to destroy any speaker it touches!

We now move to the 4th tune of this EP and my second favorite. This is a nasty stepper called Bucket. It has the perfect amount of stepper and neuro mixed just right! Again this is another floor smasher. Moving into the last track with no slow down in sight!

The last but certainly not least. We have Big Sample Theory rounding out this massive EP. Just like the other tunes there is no slow down in this one. More high energy and a very groovy undertone!

I can’t say enough how much I love this EP. Huge shouts out to Bl4ck Owlz and Eatbrain on this EP!! Have always been a huge fan of Bl4ck Owlz and this EP just proves they ain’t going nowhere but straight to the top!!!!!


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Release date
7th November Beatport exclusive
21st November worldwide
The Face Scraper EP is out NOW on EATBRAIN!

( also credit to Stu Dunn ( S-Doobie) for for the publishing Collab.

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