Black Sun Empire & State of Mind Ft. Virus Syndicate – Caterpillar [Blackout Music NL]

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Tunes

Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind, two names in drum and bass that need no introduction. With two of the best track records in the business, its not a matter of if the tunes will be good, but how good will they be? “Caterpillar” delivers as expected with pure dance floor destruction. Virus Syndicate being featured on the track only adds to the dimension creating thicker vibes only proper lyricism can provide.

“Caterpillar” opens with an ominous chugging synth note which is quickly complemented by Virus Syndicate introducing the tune. Jumping directly into lyrical surgery the voice’s of Virus Syndicate start to shape the mood further with to the point raw lyrics, ” Now you people want to talk about me? I’m a bad man, pure breed, dirty rotten scoundrel!”. As the track builds to the peak section, layers of choir voices fade in taking the vibe to an even dark state. When the tune breaks, a heavy yet smooth bassline saturates the track with a higher pitch layer wheeling over the measures.

Always ones to out do themselves, Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind keep the reputation going with another sure fire tune. Excellent for starting your next set or punctuating a peak moment, “Caterpillar” is another tune you should be sure to have in your bag the next time you head to a gig.

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