Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Pull the Trigger [Blackout]


Black Sun Empire and State of Mind are back it again with yet another massive collaboration EP–The Violent Five.  As soon as the release dropped last Friday, I knew I would be reviewing one of the tracks, but choosing which track was a very difficult decision. I’m absolutely torn between “Pull the Trigger” and “Twisted Up” and this review is not meant to be a statement that “Pull the Trigger” is the best song on the EP. All speculation aside, the six-track EP’s opener is an absolute belter.  The introduction sets the tone with an aggressive, low-passed guitar arpeggio, coupled with compressed kicks and a commanding bass line.  A dark vocal snippet whispers something about taking matters into your own hands, and listeners are quickly thrust into hyper-speed with Black Sun Empire & State of Mind in full control.

I would encourage everyone to check out the rest of The Violent Five and to especially check out “Twisted Up”.

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