BlackMask feat. Jack The Ripper – Sequence Initiated EP [SOUNDSOLUTION]

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Tunes

Jump Up Drum And Bass like every other sub genre of Drum And Bass Jungle music takes a lot of digging to get to the gold. People that enjoy things like Neurofunk have to admit that they got to sift through a lot of garbage in order to get to the best. Let’s face it, with liquid, even if its bad its still kinda good. I can personally attest, bare witness to great DJs who in my opinion made terrible.. just terrible Drum And Bass music sound great just by mixing it properly. Beautiful thing to be able to do that, so for shame anyone that doesn’t give the time to the full spectrum of Drum And Bass because there truly is something for everyone. Take this Sequence Initiated EP for example. BlackMask‘s take on Drumstep, UpFront Dancefloor Drum And Bass with a Jump Up Influence featuring Jack The Ripper with an absolute banger titled “Ghostz”. The title tune “Sequence Initiated” is my personal favourite from this three track EP. Something about those claps and those rolling drums from the start had me hooked on this release from the beginning. Pay close attention to both BlackMask and Sound Solution this year as I expect big things from both the artist and the label after the move!

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