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2019 has only seen a few releases from the solo side of Bladerunner since the ‘Revolution EP’ dropped in January. No doubt he’s been heavily involved in other endeavors as part of Kings of the Rollers, releasing tracks appearing in compilation and remix albums as well as performing at festivals and touring throughout the summer. All while quietly putting together one of the biggest releases 2019 has yet to see.  In the blink of an eye Bladerunner has delivered the ‘Intensity EP’ and it is absolutely STACKED with six superior selections for the most sensational set. Killer compositions, masterfully crafted technical beats, fresh and intriguing basslines all wrapped in the familiar Bladerunner sound with exceptional quality in production to top it off. Each and every track is no less than INTENSE!  Let’s take a look at the EP piece by piece.

“Intensity” creeps in softly as a light and airy intro plays upon the pads with a slight female vocalization ‘do you feel me’ echoing out as the intensity, builds. So thick you can cut it with a knife the bassline will consume the floor at the drop in true Bladerunner fashion. Long and deep, winding and twisting as the soft vocal surfaces here and there, aptly timed to emphasize the mix. “Intensity” is futuristic and fresh and will wrap the floor in a euphoric wave of the deepest sensation of bass.

 “All My Love” is a breathtaking ballad that pulls at the heartstrings. Entering with a charming piano the most astonishing vocal hook captivates with vehemence to engulf the dance and wisk them away to another world. The snares build to a blissful drop with a clean beat riding in harmony among beautifully rolling exuberant basslines stacked extra thick. The vocal carries throughout intensifying the emotion this arrangement brings. “All My Love” is a brilliant composition and all around a magnificent tune; a must own for any collection.

“Bassline Terror” adds a darker twist to the ‘Intensity EP’ holding true to the title and then some. A cosmic intro with crazy FX and spacey synths harbors a light masculine vocalization which drives the direction deep into the shadows.  With an animated percussive flare the beat moves as the vocal and effects pop in and out but really the big, bad BASS is the star of this tune. Bladerunner is pushing his sound to new directions more profound than ever before. “Bassline Terror” is an absolute monster of a track.

“Breathe” enters like a heartbeat with a slick percussive flare that’s not too heavy but builds methodically harder and faster in pursuit of the drop. Hitting powerfully with intense vigor it’s a funky 2 stepper; bubbly and bouncy it rolls along on the deeper spectrum. “Breathe” is hypnotic in nature to captivate the crowd in the dance; it’s a clean tune to mix and a lot of fun to play!

As the title suggests “Level Up” has a bit of a gamer vibe straight from the first beat. This one is groovy, bassy and all around amusing. The fx pop in and out, snares are clean with a solid beat. A top quality engineered track that exhibits Bladerunner’s mastery at his craft.

A flirty intro plays on the keys and pads in “Don’t Break It” with another grippingly gorgeous vocal. Modest in nature but enough to connect with the crowd on an emotional level “Don’t Break It” is an enticing selection to build the vibes in any set. A unique deep, rolling bassline brings definition and enhances the mood. “Don’t Break It” is packed with more ‘intensity’ for this album which seems to be the name of the game. It’s so nice!!

All in all Bladerunner couldn’t have picked a better title for his EP. Each and every tune is full of power and ‘INTENSITY’ surpassing the high expectations that are already in place for any Bladerunner release. This EP will have a place in drum and bass for years to come. The beastliest basslines, the most angelic melodies, top engineering, master skills in composition… Bladerunner’s ‘Intensity EP’ has it all!

Check this link to listen and grab your copy of Bladerunner’s ‘Intensity EP’ out today!

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