Bladerunner – Pulsar

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Tunes

The legendary bass line villain is back with a heavyweight new EP from Formation Records proving once more he means business!

Formation records has a long history of releasing carefully curated tunes that somehow slip past me sometimes this time however is not the case. Bladerunner comes through with his ” Pulsar ” EP
featuring 3 heavy weight bass line groovers that can be mixed with any style of DNB showing he truly is in a class of his own.

My favorite track from this release is ” Pulsar ” . Starting with incredibly snappy percussion that radiates its presence throughout the intro leading into a alarm like synth , one you might hear on a nuclear submarine of sorts quickly ascending into the drop. A heavyweight saw bass line that can cut right through the muck is introduced quickly pummeling any chin strokers in the dance to get moving. As the tune breaks a dark soft synth mysteriously echoes in the background with an ascending lighter laser like stab leading back into the dark and dangerous bass line after the sample ” GO ” is shouted aloud.

Overall im really a big fan of this release and love the classic Bladerunner feel but something more versatile and dangerous in the rave. A great tool for any DJ , i myself will be slinging this one certainly!

Forthcoming Formation Records in May!

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