Blaine Stranger – Arms Of Mine / Bad Hook [Viper Recordings]

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Tunes

The Badman newcomer from down under is back with a new stellar release on the mighty Viper Recordings. Just incase you have been asleep for the last year and are not familiar with Blaine Stranger now is the time. Blaine has released some serious heat over the past year with Rock With It / I See The End. This time around is no different with a massive pop infused feel good dancefloor tune that is certain to ignite the mood in the dance.

Arms Of Mine starts with the percussion rolling nicely off the gate before quickly leading into a powerful diva vocal backed by harmonious and uplifting lead synths. The vibe continues to pick up with claps reinforcing theĀ  vocal pressure being built leading into a smooth drop to set the groove ever so brilliantly. The tune pounds waves of feel good energy and funk with a silky yet powerful bassline attached.

This is a must have to keep the dance toasty like an Australian summer. The B Side labeled ” Bad Hook” is also a funky rolling stepper tune which keeps the vibe dark and gritty making it a perfect Dj tool for those roller moments.

All in All this is a massive release worth checking out! This ones out now!

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