Blaine Stranger – Chat Shit, Get Banged [VIPER]

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Tunes

A crowd of thousands of ravers descend upon the night, the collective energy is high and ready to rock. Viper Recordings brings the sound track to events like this all of the globe. Back with their annual “Summer Slammers” LP brings you nothing but the finest dance floor Drum & Bass. Its no question why Viper is on top of the world at this moment with this caliber of music.

New comer to the Drum and Bass scene “Blaine Stranger” has burst out guns blazing with his contribution to Summer Slammers this year. His tune entitled “Chat Shit,Get Banged” starts off with theatrical vibes pulling in ascending synths that build an epic atmosphere. As the percussion starts off vocal ” GET BANGED ” is chanted building up into the drop distorted reese bass is introduced like a wild stampede. An onslaught of drums hammer dropping into a menacing bassline with higher pitched synths leading the fight. As the tune progresses a new organic sounding drum line is introduced stopping time in its tracks. After the tune breaks the second drop unleashes a hefty distorted four on the floor kick that leaves no survivors. Heavily chopped amen fills the blanks in-between.

This is one of my favorite tunes off the entire LP and i highly recommend those who are reading this to listen for yourselves. Viper Recordings sets the bar once more in the “most bangers per capita” department. The Summer Slammers LP is OUT NOW at every fine major music retailer or from Viper Recordings website!

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