Blaine Stranger – Rock With It (feat. Coppa) [VIPER]

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Tunes

Newcomer the scene Blaine Stranger is taking names and holding no hostages. With his explosive launch onto the scene this year Blaine’s releases on Viper Recordings have been stirring up dance floors across the world. The mysterious bad boy has been crushing everything he comes in contact with between remixing Alison Wonderland and Coppa & Raise spirit he has made it clear that he is playing no games. Its no surprise with his talents the young Australian landed on Viper Recordings so quickly. His debut single is simply banging..

” Rock With It ” Starts off with ominous and creeping epic background tones whirring up to MC Coppa’s signature voice stomping into the fore front with heavy halftime percussion marching into the intro with macho aggression and ten ton might. The drums break into Coppa shredding the lyrics of the tunes, you can hear the main lead creeping up electrifying your body and making the hairs on your arms stand up straight. Rock with it catapults into the drop with vigor sending its listeners into an irresistible flurry of action, main leads shoot away sharp lasers into the soundscape with grooving bassline tones and sub melodies underlying the action up top. Rock with it further builds intensity throughout the main sequence with bits of Coppa’s vocals laying the energy on thick. Stay tuned for the second drop smashing into a drum-stepping vibe for cutting up the dance!

Blaine Stranger is well on his way to the top if he keeps up this rude boy sound. Huge release notched into his belt on this one and hopefully more to come in the very near future. He is definitely one to watch for this year, i am almost certain he will be blowing up. This ones is going in the crate, huge tune for DJ’s arsenals and listeners alike. His debut single is out now on Viper Recordings! Pick up up for yourself!

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