Blast Out – GRAFIX [Hospital Records]


Hello once again to all Best Drum and Bass fam! Get ready to blast off and Blast Out with a new track by GRAFIX. This track is featured on its own EP and on his new solo album Half Life release on Hospital Records. As you may know GRAFIX was part of the duo Fred V & Grafix. Both are now working on their solo projects. And after 10 years working together I think they have what it takes to succeed on their own. GRAFIX’s new album is a brilliant combination of vibes including Liquid, Dancefloor and a bit of Tech flavor which Blast Out provides.

This track brings a very different style from what we typically hear from GRAFIX. The intro builds up with a simple scale climbing melody two notes at a time that when combined with the other elements brings a weird yet satisfying vibe. A vocal “Feel the vibe when they Blast Out” chimes in before the drop that’s studded with modern style drum and bass elements. Short crunchy bass patterns alternate with the high end melody that’s stuttered and echoed. Short build ups in between the bars launch the track into higher and higher energy points. The break rebuilds a bit and at the second drop a chopped Amen break can be heard in pieces adding to the style of the track. Blast Out EP was released late last month and can be purchased and streamed here.


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I am a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer based in Laredo TX. Looking to spread the vibe to people who love Drum and Bass music. I've been inspired by the likes of 90's alternative rock and Electronic music and have been DJ/Producing since 2019.