Bluescreens – Crack It [Bang On Records]

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Tunes

If you haven’t heard Bluescreen’s “Crack It” yet you’re doing something wrong.  This track was released for free a little over a year ago and has since been destroying clubs and warehouses alike relentlessly.  Some of you might be pretty curious as to why I’m just reviewing this track now and to that I have a simple answer: Bluescreens just released it on Beatport.  This seems to happen every now and then with artists that release a free download that becomes insanely popular with a main goal of making it even more popular.  So here I am trying to  help Bluescreens out a little bit.

“Crack It” starts out with a steady pace; guided by hi-hats, a strummed guitar, and this really weird reverb’ed out synth.  It reminds me of the same synth in Black Sun Empire & Noisia’s “Feed the Machine.  The steady intro eventually builds into this western stand-off’ish guitar progression and some hints of the main bass from the drop.  The drums are beyond powerful, the bass is monstrous, and the general progression is perfect. I honestly love this song and I think there’s a good chance all of you will too (if you haven’t already heard it and rinsed it out hundreds of times).

I give the song a 9/10 and think this is probably my favorite Bluescreens track to date.  Go buy a copy and help support artists with the generosity to not ask for money in return.

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