Bobby ‘Virtual Reality EP’ [Vahana Records]

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The second installment dropping this week on Vahana Records comes from no other than Bobby, one of the pioneers of the label, and the ‘Virtual Reality EP’ is full of four funky, flavorful tracks to beef up the mix and move the floor with a future forward narrative to push it to the next level! We took a look at the launch of Vahana Records earlier this year, catch up on that HERE, but now it’s time to dive deep into the ‘Virtual Reality EP’ with Bobby!



A mystifyingly cinematic build swirls synths, keys and pads together with an innovative tense twist as the beats come to life. The drop hits unexpectedly unraveling a super sonic half time funk that flows ferociously with serious vibrations stemming from the bassline as the choppy beat kicks hard. Booming symphonic vocalizations complete this composition, a creepy choir of bone chilling sounds. An energy shift in the second half of the track hits full speed as the beats thicken in a euphoric trance. Drums fill and pop as Bobby’s intelligent artistry in overall sound design really packs a punch in the mix. If you’re looking for some fresh, devious funk “Artificial Intelligence” is the one.



The saga winds on as “New Society” ticks to life carrying a gloomy, menacing vibe. A vocal narrative cuts in amping the attitude as the drop twists into a snappy drum line driven by a dangerously dark, dirty bassline. Impressive percussives top it off as the composition chugs along. Solid, stable and punchy in the mix “New Society” will get the floor grooving to its moody sound.



Towering over the build snippets of sound snap to life springing straight to the mix. An upbeat funky groove commands control as the drums fly through the phrases in a clean collection of organized chaos. The bassline bends and bounces along supporting the relentless rhythm that “Virtual Reality” brings to life cracking persistently as reality fades and the composition takes on a life of its own. Technical vibes flow deep keeping the floor on the move with lively levels of energy as Bobby blends the future into dnb.


Soft tones engulf the build as the beat grooves intensely to full force. Melodic and moody the intro winds on opening up into a barrage of bass as the lows twist and growl tumbling through the measures. The rhythm rides with precision riddled with effects that whip and pop stealthily through the track. “Human Tracking” is a real head turner with it’s dramatic contrast between the melody and the bassline to add oomph to the mix.

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