Bons ‘Annabelle EP’ [Empire Recordings]


This week the beastly bangers come out to play as Bons drops two naughty neurofunk tracks with the ‘Annabelle EP’ on Empire Recordings.


Eerily playful “Annabelle” is deviously designed to send shivers down your spine and get goosebumps growing from the first beat as the keys creep in with a menacing melody, a not so innocent voice taunting the build from beneath, mimicking a nefarious nursery rhyme with bloodthirsty basslines and rhythms that stab toward the drop. “Annabelle” attacks in an all out assault of infuriating anger as the adrenaline pumps from all angles… there is no escape from the evil entity that has engulfed the mix. Punchy kicks continue to pummel and pound as Bons twists the sound driven by ferocious drum rolls and well planned patterns. Wicked whispers really pop through the mix as they continue to haunt the darkness, waiting to consume as they possess the room with a killer vibe. Consistent energy and powerful finesse make “Annabelle” a prime tool to unleash the revenge!


The machine churns to life with a hint of an industrial vibe as “How Could You” storms into the spotlight. Hollow basslines splash through the intro ‘how could you do this to me’… vocal samples grow, stuttering as the intro continues to rise with a forceful rage spewing from the crunchy rhythm as the brutality builds to a force beyond control. Chunky beats slap at the drop, wrenched between low, pounding bass that shocks and surges with dubby undertones in a serious display of floor stomping force to flip the dance into a frenzy. “How Could You” is a heart stopping rollercoaster ride through drum and bass where Bons keeps things fresh snapping and pounding with each beat to pummel the floor.

Grab your copy of Bons’ ‘Annabelle EP’ on Empire Recordings. CLICK HERE.


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