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Hey folks!

This time we’ve got a Serbian neuro beast Bons and his “Bons and Friends” EP to check out which is already out on DNB Database.

The whole release bursts with a raw and intense, straightforward energy. Just how we want neurofunk to sound! Without further introduction let’s dig into “Topgun” , “The Sign” and “Trauma” and see what this EP is all about.


For “TOPGUN” Bons teamed up with Darnick and oh boy they deliviered! Melodic rush can be heard straight from the intro, followed up by immense buildup with massive bass evolving into a tough screech on the drop.
To top it off, Soldierr’s vocals through the buildup embedding straight into the drop, make the job done for me. This is pure neurofunk and everything it’s about.
NOTE: This track is also available in an instrumental version.

“The Sign” with Theezer, is’nt, what can I say, very much different. Yet somehow, I knew instantly that this one is going to be my favourite on the EP. These phat Drums, their progression, top notch snare, various switches and of course that raw distorted bassline, damn. If you’re looking for an aggrresive slapper, this will work great on a big soundsystem.


Last but not least, “Trauma” starts off a little different, taking us into deep depth tones from the start, but dont get fooled! Energy is strong on this one. Even though you can try “Trauma” as instrumental aswell, I strongly reccommend not to do so, because Soldierr’s vocals really fit the buildup well and it works great together. The drop is a lot more immense this way.

You can grab the whole release here:
Also be sure to check out Bons’ other work if you haven’t yet !





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