Bons – Spinner feat. Novy MC


Drum and Bass music has evolved it’s sound in the past 10 years in a resounding way across the globe. Way different from the Jungle vibes where it all started, and more closely skimming the darker sounds developed in the late 90’s by legendary labels like Virus Recordings or Renegade Hardware to name a few. This complex and industrial influenced DnB has spread all over the place, specially in the eastern side of Europe and has become a framework for modern Neurofunk.
Mr. Jovan Ilic, known in the underground as Bons a servian producer that is raising the flag with killer cuts on some of the best labels on the map that share the same compact and blasting contemporary sound. 

This time it’s the turn for the austrian based label Neurofunk, what else? (runned by Marco Alessandro and Ben Pzy the duo known as Virus) to host Bons newest musical piece “Spinner”.

With a drastic intro  full of intense melodic synths that create a perfect ambient for NOVY MC to come in with some cyber fast lines that fall into a breakdown that starts rising up slowly and filter by filter takes you into a filthy drop composed by a crunchy wobble bass that keeps you raging till the vocals come back with lyrics that definitely will raise the heat on the dancefloor only to slam you straight to another round of hard and catchy lead synths finally resting in an outro with filtered basslines to a breakdown with drumstep vibe.
Darky and funky “Spinner” is definitely a track that will keep your blood pumping and will let you mix in double drop right away. Not surprised that Bons productions are supported by some badass players in the game like (Jade, Mindscape, Mizo, Maztek, Abis (ex-June Miller), Tobax, and many others)

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About Author

Colombian Drum and Bass producer influenced by the broken sounds of Punk and Metal who had the opportunity to share the stage with producers such as ... The Prototypes, Hallucinator, Crissy Criss, Cooh, DJ SS, Drumsound & BasslineSmith, Jade, Modified Motion, Aeph, NC -17 and more, participating in events such as the World of Drum & Bass (Miami) PRSPCT night in Colombia or The Hangover in Venezuela. After being interested in sound design in 2018, he concentrated intensely on audiovisual production and toured Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile with the Killerdrumz collective. Signed to Invasion Recordings (Russia) Promo Audio Recordings (Brazil) Mas Bass Records (Colombia)