Borderline – Creature of Habit

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Tunes

Cause 4 Concern recordings back once again showing they have no intentions on slowing down the heavy content. In the past 5 years since Borderline made their debut its been clear they have a point to prove. With nothing short of a fantastic track record of incredibly consistent tunes that make sure to find themselves in DnB DJ’s crates all over the world. Borderline shows us this time is no different with their forthcoming material on C4C.

“Creature of Habit ” starts off with a heavily psychological dreadful and dreary tone, putting your head in a deep , dark place.  With the introduction of extremely fierce percussion and a menacing synth creeping into the foreground. Aggressive and abrasive reese bass comes into play into a rolling and fierce bassline that can either be stepped to or grooved along in the mix. The energy is high and the atmosphere is hellish ( in the best way possible ). Overall this is a fantastic addition to any set and is sure to rip apart the dancefloor in a hurry.

Forthcoming C4C Digital April 4th 2016.

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